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Mar 3, 2004 01:23 PM

Tommy Cooks - Bad/Good same same ol"

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I see there is a Tommy Cooks opening here in Markham, anyone been to the one on Eglinton, any good just curious

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  1. I've been to the Tommy Cooks on Eglinton for lunch. I had bbq'd ribs and must say I was less than impressed. They were dry and lacked any real flavour. Honestly, I would say they were disgusting.

    I enjoyed my salad though for $20, I would prefer somewhere else any day.


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      I went to the one at on Eglinton and the girls there are good looking and I had the nacho's which were good except i asked them to take our the ground beef sauce cause it was just too much so instead of taking it out they put only a little bit. I was still not impressed as the sauce with the ground beef really made the nacho's taste bad. Plus i thought they would put some salsa and sour cream on the nacho's but it was only in a dip.

      I only really liked there huge hamburger and fries which could be better seeing anyone can go to a supermarket and get the fries they served.

      But overall its just an average place.