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Mar 3, 2004 09:33 AM

Cafe Margeaux

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I've been twice. First time had the steak frite which was quite good. Very tender steak, wonderful reduction. Frites were a little under cooked for my taste, but the accompanying aioli was quite tasty. Second time went on Thursday for the bouillabaisse. I was very dissappointed. The broth lacked any suggestion of pernod, saffron, orange rind. Basically, it tasted like pureed carrots mixed with a basic fish broth. But, for me, the biggest dissappointment was the rouille. No garlic, no saffron, no pepper. Just a bland, nondescript mayonaise-like sauce. Anyone else been?

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  1. Went a few weeks ago for a late dessert, and all three of us has the dessert sampler plate. That night it consisted of mini-creme brule, lemon tart and chocolate terrine. The chocolate terrine and lemon tart were excellent, while the creme brule was only so-so (not crunchy enough, and the custard wasn't really as cold as I'd have liked it. vanilla bean though).

    The chocolate terrine was chocolate mousse within a dark chocolate shell. Tasted of good chocolate all around. The lemon tart tasted of tart lemon goodness.

    THe dessert plate was only $8 and all of the other desserts were only $7. A good deal indeed.

    So yeah, dessert is pretty good here.