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Mar 1, 2004 08:21 PM


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Hi! 5 women from Philadelphia are travelling to Stratford this weekend to relax and take a cooking course. Any recommendations for dinner Friday night in Stratford? We like pretty much everything but are not big red meat eaters. Any suggestions for a good, interesting non-tourist spot? Thanks!!

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  1. The Church Restaurant is pretty interesting. Offers high-end in the main dining room and regular dining in the belfry.

    Just a couple of blocks from the main strip.



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      The Church has good food but is extremely stingy with the serving sizes....I've never seen such small portions makes Susur's portions look enormous. I had brunch there last year. I had a version of eggs benedict with crab legs, spinach and foie gras. I complained because I couldn't find the crab (they had forgotten to add it), and they delivered sauteed crab on the side, but provided only about 1.5 tablespoons of crabmeat. And the foie gras was about the size of a sugar cube.
      My dad had the frogs legs...they served 2 legs approximately the size of large chicken wings. In France later last year, my dad ordered the frogs legs, and they delivered about 2 dozen.
      The Old Prune is a much better bet for food, service and portions in Stratford.
      Or try the Brittany Restaurant in New Hamburg (about 15 minutes drive from Stratford) for much better food (traditional French) at reasonable prices.

    2. Here are some others that I've heard are good (I unfortunately get out to Stratford only once or twice a year)

      Carter's on Downie



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        1. Rundles and The Old Prune are affiliated with the stratford chefs school in Stratford and are your best bets.

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            Guy Middleton

            You should be aware that most of the nice restauants in Stratford are only open during the theatre season, and they are all "touristy", since they only stay in business because of the tourist trade.

            Rundles and the Old Prune are affiliated with the Chefs School, as somebody else has mentioned, but if you go at this time of year, you will find their kitchens in use as classrooms. :-)

            The downstairs (pizzeria) at Pazzo is open all year, but the upstairs "fine dining" area is closed now too.

            I have heard that Bijou is open for weekends this winter, you could try there.