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Mar 1, 2004 01:47 PM


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A friend of mine is looking to have a small dinner for friends and family to celebrate his wedding. There is not going to be any other formal ceremony but this dinner for about 20 people. He is currently considering booking a private room at the Old Mill. Just curious if there were any other suggestions of places he should check out.

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  1. My husband and I went to Small Rooms on Finch Ave. W for our wedding dinner. They gave us the room at the back of the restaurant, which was a pretty isolated area. All the guests loved their food. They seriously make the best taramosalata for their relish tray. I could eat that all night.

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      Check out Paese at Bathurst and Wilson. They have the whole upstairs that they use for private parties. They can configure a large square table and have tons of menu plan options. Grano is good but the room is very long and narrow and you end up being isolated from most of the table. Definately do not go the Old Mill.

    2. The food at the Old Mill is dreadful.

      For wonderful food, caring service and a warm ambience - all at a most reasonable price - contact Roberto, the owner of GRANO on Yonge Street some blocks north of Davisville. It has a private dining room, where I have entertained 18-24 people on several occasions at one long table, with pre-dinner prosecco and hot hors d'oeuvres. Everyone has raved. You won't go wrong - tell him John sent you !

      1. We booked the courtyard at Le St Tropez (King West), obviously it depends when the wedding is.
        Le St Tropez was perfect for us, the courtyard at the back is very private and covered in vines, the food and service was amazing. They will adapt any menu you want, we gave our guests 3 choices for each course and the price was unbelievable.

        1. Thank you all very much for the suggestions I will definatley give a few of these places a call and report back.

          1. There was a thread earlier on something similar (this time a rehearsal dinner, but probably similar requirements) and a popular choice was La Maquette (King & Church) who specialize in these events. Several people (including me) had good experiences there.