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Feb 28, 2004 08:44 PM

Cora's Breakfast/Brunch on Yonge

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On the way up to Newmarket to visit friends this morning, we drove along Yonge street south of Davis Dr., hoping to find a place for breakfast. Imagine how thrilled I was when hubby saw a "Now Open" banner on the side of the road for Cora's! We pulled in, parked, then waited in the line up at the door for about 15-20 minutes. Have to say that it was worth the wait! The restaurant was laid out nicely, with a good number of booths and tables. The decor was very sunny and cheerful and the staff we dealt with were nice. We had the strawberry-banana smoothies to start off with while I perused the menu. Man, what a selection! Took me quite a while to decide on the crepe "sandwich" style omelette with fruit salad. Hubby got the regular eggs, sausages, home fries, and rye toast. (Yes, I did chide him on how boring his choice was!). The plate my meal came on was huge! Unbelievable how large a portion of food you get. Plus, there was quite a large amount of fruit, which was opposite of what I was expecting. The omelette I chose contained broccoli, cauliflower (which I didn't taste, so am wondering if that was actually included), spinach, carrots, tomatoes, and cheese. Perfectly cooked. (It was also supposed to have onions and green peppers, which I asked to be excluded). The sausages were good, and the potatoes were nice. Only complaint from hubby was that the eggs were kind of small. However, they were perfectly cooked over easy, as requested. The ladies at the table next to us ordered whaffles, which came smothered with fruit and whipped cream. Didn't think that two older ladies could pack their whole plateful away like that, but both of them cleaned up their plates! LOL! I'm now looking forward to future visits to our friends' place, so that we can stop at Cora's and sample more of their menu.

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  1. I believe there is a Cora's coming in downtown (Blue Jays Way area) in the fall. I can't wait, we went to one of them in Montreal and it was amazing.

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      The Cora's on Blue Jays way at Wellington is apparently NOW OPEN! Can't wait to get there!

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      Mississauga Matt

      There's a Chez Cora's in Mississauga on Dixie, and it's exactly as you describe the Yonge street location.

      A very enjoyable place for breakie.

      1. I love Cora's! I did a thread on it a while ago, and someone accused me of working for them!LOL I had their cinnamon french toast, which was amazing, but they also have this chocolate brioche french toast that is to die for.

        My kids love the banana crepe rolls :)

        1. Cora's is great, but I had a bad experience (poor service) at the Mississauga location and vowed never to go back - at least not to that one.

          Looking forward to visiting the one on Blue Jay's Way.