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Feb 27, 2004 03:46 PM

Peters on Eglinton

  • j

Have been hearing great reviews of this west end (EglintonW and Tomken) eatery. Huge portions, good prices, nice atmosphere and of course good grub.I'm not in that part of TO often but sounds like a good find. Any Chowhounds reviews ?

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  1. r
    Robert Beeney

    I have been there the food is typical deli food like corned beef, pastrami, reubens, soulvaki, and fish and chips. The food is good and the service is good also.

    1. Yup, the portions are HUGE! The foods about avg I'd say. Deli sandwiches, some pastas and burgers etc. Nothing really creative. The breakfast is really (and i mean REALLY) limited. All they have are eggs. (+ bacon, sausage, steac etc and omlettes) The decor is something else though. Theres this huge... round stained glass globe thingy hanging from the ceiling (you'll see)