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Feb 25, 2004 01:23 PM

Segovia & other downtown eats

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1) Any one have any thoughts on Segovia on St. Nicolas?

2) in the Downtown core are there any other places people recommend to take a 40 person party? Segovia was recommended for price & it's seperate party room.

Thanks, Carolyn

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  1. v
    Vinnie Vidimangi

    What are the territorial and finacial limits?

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    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

      Boundaries are Yonge to University, Bloor to the water. 35 of the 40 have never been to Toronto and are staying at the Delta Chelsea so I would like to keep them close to their hotel on their first night here.


      1. re: Carolyn
        Vinnie Vidimangi

        What's the budget? How about within easy access of a subway line? Your people might quite like the train ride ( my kiddies do anyway) and you probably will get a muich better meal for less.

        1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

          Budget is midrange - $30 for dinner, app, tax & tip. Kind of iffy on the subway as the folks will be flying/driving in the same day as dinner. Keeping it close to the Delta makes it easier to round everyone up at the right time.

          1. re: Carolyn

            The most convenient choices would be on Elm Street. Delta has a side entrance on Elm. These are a few that would be around your price range...

            1. Il Fornello - there are two storeys and if I remember correctly, the capacity upstairs is around 40 people. Decent standard Italian, pizza, pasta, etc.
            2. Donatello - a small intimate Italian restaurant. The restaurant holds no more than 50 people. Food is pretty good.
            3. Bangkok Garden - if you group like Thai, then perhaps you want to call and ask about the group reservation.

            There are a few more restaurants on Elm Street, such as Barberian, Adega. They are a bit more expensive. There is also a pub and a Japanese restaurant.

            1. re: SaladKingFan

              I second the nomination for Bangkok Garden. They have set dinners that make ordering easy (in fact I believe you can have the menu decided beforehand for a group), the food is pretty good, and the setting and service very nice.

            2. re: Carolyn

              Segovia is in a back alley and they are building a ne condo a few feet away so the whole area is a mess. No great parking in the area and there is an indoor skateboard park next door which means usually kids hanging around.. All in all probably great food at a good price but not where I would take people their first night in town.. Maybe a better option would be Marche it is always different for people and you could probably reserve the front "patio"... otherwise Alice Fazoolies or Friscos...

      2. This is not a first hand recommendation but my friend was raving about this place to me only last week.