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Feb 24, 2004 08:29 PM

Toronto + Ottawa Rec.s

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Hi there!
I am taking a business trip to Ottawa followed by Toronto for a week. YEAH!-Please tell me that I wont freeze!
Dates are Feb 28-March 5.
I know that there are great things for a San Francisco girl to check out!
I am interested in "the strip mall" to "sit down business" what do you crazy Northerners have to offer that I wont get in the bay area? I know there are full on Toronto experiences and total Ottawa experiences-HELP!

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  1. there are no ottawa experiences. everyone goes to bed at 9 p.m. and flees the urban centre before 5 p.m. of course, if you want to catch up on sleep, ottawa is the perfect place.

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      Ah, the fun of driving around Ottawa at 10 p. m. on a Sunday, vainly looking for something to do. We always ended up at the Elgin Street Diner, eating poutine.

      Eat some beaver tails (fritter-y fried pastries) and poutine. Do a search on the Canada board for Ottawa restaurants- there are some good ones. And go to the National Gallery. It's free and beautiful.

      I wish we had really good poutine in Toronto.

      1. re: PV

        That's not totally accurate, Ottawa has a ton of bars and clubs and even some lounges. The problem is that all of them suck compared to Montreal or even Toronto. You can take the "meat market" atmosphere of university bars and the stupid posing and trying too hard of the worst Toronto clubs and you have the Ottawa nightlife summarized. And don't even get me started on the fashion, as Mexx is the outfitter of choice for the clubs.

        For a capital with as many awesome cultural institutions like the National Art Gallery and the museum of civilizations, Ottawas night life is very...suburban, think Mississauga (shudder).

        I do like the Heart and Crown pub and the Mercury Lounge, both in the Market area. Try the veal burger at the Heart and of the best burgers I have ever had. As for food, there are tons of threads already about Ottawa, so happy searching!

      2. "The strip mall" and "Sit down business"-sounds like to me your looking to find a couple of nice sausages and buns!!