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Feb 24, 2004 11:29 AM

Stem Ginger

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I used to be able to buy stem ginger in the baking section of grocery stores. It was made, I think, by McNairs, and was in a heavy syrup. Now I can't find it and I wondered if anybody else uses it and can tell me where to find it. I have some dessert recipes that use it and it is much nicer than crystallized ginger.

Within reason, I'll make a special trip anywhere in the GTA because, once bought, it keeps a long time.


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  1. After searching the 'gourmet' stores for this last year, I found it at Bruno's and a friend found it for me at Dominion in their baking section.
    I paid the Bruno's price for my bottle, but the Dominion bottle was far less.

    Not sure if it's still availabe, but if you're near either of these stores you should check it out. In Bruno's it was on top of the fish counter in the back.

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    1. re: MorseCat

      Thanks - got it at Dominion.

    2. Try Domino Foods, a bulk-food store in the north-west corner of the basement in the south St Lawrence Market. They're open 8am-6pm Tue-Thur, 8am-7pm Friday and 5am-5pm Saturday.

      1. Thank-you both for the suggestions. I'd certainly never have found it in Bruno's since the fish counter would not have been my first thought! I'll try Bruno's and Dominion since they're both more convenient than the market.

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          It's been a couple of years since this post was first made, and can't seem to find this "wind goose chase" item that my wife put on the shopping list. Any current lead to find this item would be appreciated. Looking in the Toronto area, preferably central or east.

          1. re: fluke17

            Stem Ginger is still available at Bruno's, there's one just north of St. Clair Station that I just found it at.

        2. This is another reply to a very old post now, but I see someone was still looking for this stem ginger in 2008.
          You can get it at any Bulk Barn outlet, and it is a nice quality, too. I am not connected to this retail outfit in any way, but really like it for a lot of the more unusual food items, dried spices and herbs, many of which you only need a small amount.