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Feb 24, 2004 09:41 AM


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Looking for a good sushi place north of the city that has take out. Any ideas?

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  1. Ginza is quite good - there is one near Bathurst & Finch (652 Finch Ave.East), but the better (and original) one is in Woodbridge (8401 Weston Rd,Unit3). A third branch is in Thornhill (7330 Yonge St.,Unit 9), but I've never been to that one.

    Two other great ones for takeout are in North York: Sapporo Sushi (5469 Yonge, my favourite - they are very fast, but the selection isn't extraordinary) and Sushi Bong (5 Northtown Way; small and the owner likes to talk, but he makes good Sushi)

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      haha- Northtown way

      How often do u eat at Sushi Bong? My dad lives in that condo, and I ate there once before. It's the smallest restaurant I have ever been in, but it always is crowded at night! What is their best kind of sushi?

    2. Try Ichiban Sushi at 8763 Bayview (just north of Hwy 7), 905-886-7542. They only have take outs, no eat in. Sushi is always fresh and the price is good.

      1. Ganoe Sushi on Don Mills road north of Lawrence, is my favourite Japanese.
        Their Sushi, is always fresh, and the proportion of fish to rice, is very generous

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          Some of the best Sushi in TO, excellent prices!