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Feb 22, 2004 11:55 PM

Red Rose Patisserie and Zaffron (yonge/steeles)

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i drive by these two places almost every day and i've yet to venture inside.

so i'm hoping someone here has a few words to say about either before i venture in.

price/type of food/crowd/etc would be great


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  1. Our family tried zaffron about 18 months ago and recommend it but have not found the time to go back. The menu is part Iranian and part Italian!! Nice casual atmosphere which welcomes couples, groups and families. We had various kabob based meals which were good and plentiful. My recollections is entree prices were in the $16-22 range.

    1. Zaffron is a nice restaurant, but don't go for the Italian pasta (the one time I tried it, it was way past al dente). The Iranian dishes are great.

      If you want to try Iranian food, there is also a new take-out Iranian buffet east on Yonge just south of Finch called "Taste of Iran" which I can wholeheartedly recommend - very cheap and quite good. The staff will also explain dishes when you ask, and you can order some of the meat dishes Zaffron offers for well under $10