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Feb 21, 2004 01:04 PM

Need Help with Brunch Near Bloor and Bedford

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I need help! I am organizing a little event. A group of us are attending a play... a matinee (2pm)on a Sunday at the the George Ignatieff Theatre at 15 Devonshire Place. I need a brunch/lunch beforehand. I will have at least two in our party that will have mobility issues so I want us to be able to park just once. The brunch needs to be very very close to the theatre. It needs to be upscale-ish as this is ladies day out. The group demography will be a bit diverse but most will be in their fifties (I am not even near there yet so any input would be appriciated). Trendy might be fun but elegant and pampering is the way I am leaning. The group could be as small as four or as large as twelve.

Can you give me any recomendations near Bloor and Bedford?

Thank you in advance,


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  1. The Gallery Grill at Hart House would be perfect, but unfortunately, I don't believe they've installed the elevator yet, so you'd have to navigate up a flight of stairs. I'm not sure how problematic that would be for your party, but if you think it would be manageable, the Gallery Grill is lovely, upscale, with good food, and extremely close to the theatre. I think they even have at least one large table which is sort of set aside in it's own nook. Depending on what the mobility issues of your party are, you may want to try phoning Hart House to see if they might be able to somehow accommodate you.

    1. I'd suggest one of the 3 big nearby hotels. The Intercontinental is right there, the Hyatt on the corner of Bloor and Avenue, and the Four Seasons one block north. I had brunch at the Four Seasons many years ago and I remember they put out a very impressive spread. Haven't tried either of the other two.

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        Yannick Bigourdan

        I would definitely recommend the Studio Cafe at the Four Seasons Hotel. They are wheelchair accessible and the experience is always fun. They have a table in the back of the restaurant called the “Captain’s Table” that can accommodate up to 16 people (if I remember correctly). The brunch starts at 11 AM and offers a 3 courses for about $28.00. The eggs benedict’s are always my personal favourite.
        The direct line to the Studio Café is 416 928 7330.