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Feb 19, 2004 08:35 PM

Best Bubble Tea and Tea Houses in GTA/Toronto?

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the best Bubble Tea anywhere in Toronto area...

So far I like;

Tea Stop in Pacific Mall (Unit A38), nice strong tea, and relatively consistent flavour/quality. Also like a few other places in the Mall, but not Tea 168, everytime I try that place it's crap, been to three different ones, and they have also been bad quality.

Ten Ren in Yorkdale Mall, this is pretty much a chop shop, but they are usually always consistent and good quality, little pricier I think, but they usually have a this cute girl at the cash registar ;)

also, any authentic (or close too) Chinese or Japanese style Tea Houses in Toronto? Haven't been too one yet...

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  1. In Markham, I love A Place For Us in the plaza at Highway 7 east of Woodbine. It is located in the Plaza east of the Chapters and Roots outlet. It has the most variety in bubble tea, milk tea, fresh juice with tapioca pearls and chinese snacks too. Often find the young chinese hip set playing cards and hanging out.