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Feb 19, 2004 08:22 PM

Anyone tried new Keg Restaurant on York St

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There is new Keg where the Movenpick used to be. Has anyone tried it - feedback? Is it the same menu and prices as at other Keg's? Same bar prices? - I noticed they have a huge lounge area.

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  1. My boss went there for lunch said the place does not look like a keg "very dark"... menu and prices the same he thought... but the service was horrible they where there at noon for a celebration lunch and the first entree did not get on the table till one o'clock!

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    1. re: Rob

      York Street Keg is gorgeous! I would rather live in their washroom than my apartment... it is beautiful. The food is not very memorable though.... the portobello and sirloin salad so-so. I would just go for the atmosphere.

    2. So the lady comes running to me today to tell me about this "great new chic Keg" that her coworkers told her about. It's a new KEG at King and John..always busy from floor to ceiling regardless of which day you go, we should go go go...only...there is no Keg there. hehe.

      It turns out they were referring to this Keg on York. Apparently all the new KEGS will be modeled based on the decor here.

      A good steak is comfort food, we're going to check it out on the weekend, or even at least for drinks.

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        This place is one of my guilty pleasures. It's MUCH better than the one on Jarvis and the servers are really quite professional. If you have to have a hunk o meat, you can do a lot worse.

      2. While this Keg is very good. It's not new, its now over 2 years old I believe.

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          Yep, look at the date of the original post! :)

        2. It is a regular, albeit nicer Keg. There is a big "scene" as the Bay St. crowd goes for drinks after work. Food is same as all other Kegs.