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Feb 19, 2004 02:55 PM

T & T Supermarket

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I finally made my way up to T & T which is located north of Steeles, on Bathurst. It is in the Promenade Mall and is not visable from Bathurst as its at the back. Perhaps another poster will be able to provide the exact intersection.

The is a large scale Pan-Asian supermarket. Items offered.

1) Difficult to find vegetables all with English identification. I was excited to find Green Pappaya, that was really green enough to grate up for Som Tam

2) Chili Oils, Dips, Spread, Stir Fry Sauces, Thai Curry Pastes

3) Two aisles of different noodle souops

4) Chips, cookies, crackers from all over Asia.

5) Live seafood, crab, lobster etc.

6) All the frozen dim sum buns, dumplings etc. that you could want.

7) I believe that there was quite a few ready made food items too. I left with a sushi platter which I would say was the quality of Sushi Time or one of the OK places (good for a grocery store).

If you live in the neighborhood, I'm sure you know about it. If you've had trouble finding Asian ingrediants definately a good place to stock up.

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  1. There is a small foodcourt inside the market and some of the items will be on sale at the end of the day, around 7-8pm. Actually they will open another one at Warden/Steeles in June.

    1. Good spot...Nice fresh scallops $7.50 for 12 large and lobster was $7.98 a pound last weekend...made for a nice valentine's day dinner

      1. I agree Re identification of items in English. Hard to find staff members who master some basic English, but they are friendly and try their best.
        The meat and fish counters are very appealing: fresh and clean. Their seafood is excellent.
        I'd like to hear from someone with a sweet tooth who would rate the pastries at T & T.