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Feb 18, 2004 03:52 PM


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Anyone know of someplace in the GTA where you can get churros? Kind of a skinny Spanish/Mexican/Argentinian donut rolled in sugar.

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  1. St.Clair West has two or three places I think. One place in particular is around the Ossington area. Sorry I can't be any more specific

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    1. re: miguel

      costco sells them in the food section (where they have hotdogs and other crap)

      1. re: sanjay

        in Dufferin Mall as well as other places (not sure where) They had a booth in the food building at the Ex this past summer. Was not impressed. Maybe a non-chain version would be much butter.

        1. re: Chin

          I think you are talking about Churrisimo (, haven't tried it so don't know if it is any good.

          1. re: Raph

            Oh, that web page sure made me long for some churros! But I'm very disappointed that they stuff them with chocolate or cream or caramel, but apparently not dulce de leche.

            1. re: SacredKow

              I went to the location in East York, it was a little disappointing. The churros are not made there, they pulled out a frozen bag of pre-made ones and ran them through a little oven on a conveyor. Maybe frozen ones are common? I don't know, the only churros I've had before (in Mexico) were made fresh and these didn't compare.

    2. Yumm. Churros. There used to be a cart that sold fresh hot churros outside my school in Brasilia. They injected them with a filling of doce de leite. Incredibly, wonderfully good.

      Here, I've only found them unfilled, which isn't quite the same experience. I believe it's the Pretzelmakers places in malls that have them? I've seen them at both Yorkdale and Fairview. Costco also sells them in their food section. $50 a year on membership might be a bit much to get the occasional Churros, though.

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      1. re: Jacquilynne

        I love them too! The ones from Brasil are the best for sure all others are lame. I did have a good one at the latin booth in Edmonton during the folkfest or whatever its called!

      2. The only place that I have found the elusive churro is at a restaurant called the Taste of Spain on Yonge St. (N of 401).

        The churros are great, they come fresh and hot from the kitchen with chocolate sauce and dulce de leche on the side. The only problem I had, was with the restaurant itself.

        It is kind of pricey, not really a place for "casual dining", I was none too happy with the service, and the other fare didn't impress me. However, I was only there once, so maybe they were having an off day. So please form your own opinion.

        I hope that you do find other locations that have churros as good as taste of spain. I would be keen to find them in other parts of T.O. as well.