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Feb 18, 2004 09:53 AM

Between Union stn. and the AGO?

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Meeting a friend for dinner on Friday who I haven't seen for a while. Looking for someplace fairly inexpensive (say, entrees about $15 or less). I'd be by the AGO, she's by Union station - any recommendations for a place in-between where we might both be able to just walk to and meet up at? We'll be meeting at around 7:30 or 8:00, so please warn me if the place you suggest might have a waiting line :) Thanks!

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  1. You've got a big chunk of Queen Street West to choose from, but one place that I like -- casual and economical -- is HoSu Bistro.

    I like the Korean entrees, and the sushi is fine. For my kids who weren't into sushi, we ordered a bento box with salmon teriyaki.


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      Yes! HoSu is a good addition to the strip - their Korean food is the better choice (not that the sushi is bad, because it is pretty decent for that level of quick sushi joint) - try the Kimchi Soup, it is definitely a heat challenge! Word of warning - the place is very popular and can get extremely busy; I have seen pretty serious lineups on weekends.

      1. re: Kasia

        I'm interested by the fairly positive reviews for this location of Ho-Su. I've eaten a couple of times at the Yonge-Eglinton location and the food was frankly mediocre. Even taking into account the price, there is much better Japanese food at other "fast food" resatuarants in the area e.g. Sushi Star, Sushi Kai. Of course, I'm tempted to try Sushi Rock after that hilarious review about the drunken chef. Anyway, now I don't go back to Ho-Su. (Not that this is of a lot of help to the person looking for downtown places!)

        1. re: Jenny

          The Queen location is better than the Yonge-Eg location, if only for the appetizers that come with means (seasoned beans, kimchi, etc) that don't come
          with the meals uptown. Have also noticed that meat dishes tend to be less fatty at the Queen location.

          1. re: stein88

            I've been to the HoSu on Queen many times since they've opened. I agree that it's a good deal, but I agree with the person who said that the food is mediocre and that it's not hard to find better. Generally, I only go there now when someone else wants to or if I just need a cheap meal.

            I guess I might just head to Peter Pan tomorrow.