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Feb 18, 2004 08:56 AM

Thorncliffe Park/Leaside area gems

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After living in the Leaside area for 4 years, I'm giddy to say that we've found some great ethnic eats around that area. The Bayview strip, to it's credit has some wonderful upscale eateries and shops (Jov, Whitehouse meats, Nunzios etc)...but it's a desert for reasonably priced, ethnic foods.

We've found that if we just drive around the corner to the Thorncliffe park area of East York (just over from Laird), there is a treasure trove of foodie finds. The influx of immigrants from India & Pakistan in that area has brought the added benefit of yummy restaurants!

One of the side streets houses a rather cavernous Pakistani/halal restaurant called Iqbal Kebab...that has turned out to serve some of the best biriyani I've had in Toronto. The lamb version is the one I've had on several occasions...and it's always aromatic and delicious. And less that $10 for a huge portion!

Inside the plaza itself, in the food court is a small counter for "Ritz Carribean" (which I believe is affilicated with the one in Roy's Square @ Yonge & Bloor). The service unfortunately, is stoic bordering on surly...but I'm willing to put up with a bit of snark for the jerk chicken. Really tasty Jamaican food that I don't have to go all the way downtown or to St. Clair West for!

It's just really convenient on a Friday night or something, to have quick access to great takeaway options like this. Makes the sky high real estate prices around that area worth it:)

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  1. Try Leonard's restaurant at the corner of Eg and Laird. Great little family restaurant, large menu that has a Greek feel to it. They always have good specials and the service is just what it should be. I live down the street, go there regularly. I'm always pleased.

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      Grant Robinson

      I dropped by here recently and the service was up to snuff but felt the food was unremarkable. It had the 'out of the can' feel to it. Nothing wrong per se... but nothing compelling to go for specifically (meals included the souvlaki and veal parmesaen)

      The fish and chips place down the street (forget the name) south on laird is much better....