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Feb 16, 2004 03:12 PM

Kosher Restaurants

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Does anyone have a favorite list of Kosher restaurants? Can you also indicate why you like it/them.


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  1. There is a real problem with kosher restaurants in Toronto. There is no where for a chowhound to appreciate! That being said, you can get some good food - it's just hard to get any real 'dining' experience.

    Hakerem (Bathurst and Lawrence): wonderful shawarma and falafels. They have a huge area of freshly made salads that you select and they pile into your pita. Three kinds of eggplant, marinated mushrooms, cabbage salads, hummous, tahina, and lots more. Inexpensive and has never disappointed. Atmosphere? None.

    Umami Fusion (288 Eglinton Ave): the only kosher place to dine in Toronto. It feels like a "real restaurant". They have a fabulous ponzu steak salad, udon soup, and I really like their sushi. The meat entrees are tasty but very expensive. Reservations are usually necessary.

    Miami Grill (411 Clark Ave): the best thing on the menu is definately the ribs. They are really delicious in a sweet and tangy barbequey sort of way. This is a great place to go with family. It's relaxed with a menu large enough to please everyone.

    Those are my favorites. I am happy to provide info on the others.. just let me know what you're after.

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      Aviva, Umami Fusion sounds cool. Imagine that, a kosher Japanese restaurant! Can you tell us more about it?

      And this may be a stupid question, so please excuse my ignorance: would it be considered offensive for a non-Jewish person to visit a kosher restaurant?

      1. re: barb

        Hi Barb...
        Good question! A non Jew is welcome at any kosher restaurant that I have ever been at. Hey- a customer is a customer!

        Umami is cool- for a kosher restaurant. The sushi is good- same as "normal" sushi, but you won't find certain items like shrimp, real crab, lobster etc. included (kosher laws don't allow eating shellfish). But the usual tunas, salmon, imitation crab etc. are available. If you're into veggie sushi, it's really good. I often order the garden platter which is a big tray of assorted veggie sushi (the rainbow roll is the best!). The other items are good- kosher meat is very, very tasty and high quality and they entrees that take advantage of that. For example, I once had an excellent veal chop that was very simply prepared, which allowed the quality of the meat to really show. The problem is, there is an automatic premium on kosher food- particularly meat. People unfamiliar with these costs, will likely find Umami quite overpriced.

        1. re: Aviva

          Thanks very much for the info, Aviva. Much appreciated!

          1. re: barb
            Sam Lightstone

            Let me second that. I've ben to Umami Fusion Dining a few times. It is amazing! They recently revamped the menu and added even more great stuff! It's on Eglinton near Avenue Road.

            Price is about $50/pp. You need to reserve in advance.
            Umami Fusion Dining, 288 Eglinton Ave. W., 416-483-9018.


    2. While I don't know at all about the kosher eats in Toronto, you should try posting on the Kosher Message Board, linked below.


      1. A friend of mine from Jerusalem once tried to find a place to eat in Toronto by stopping an orthodox-looking man on Bathurst St. and asking him: "where can I get a kosher meal around here"? The man replied: "want to eat kosher? go home".