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Feb 15, 2004 09:47 AM

Hakka (Indian-Chinese) Restaurants - Kimling, Frederick

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We get craving once in a while for Hakka cuisine especially during the cool winters and also like to support the small entrepreneurial resturanteurs...

Ate at Kimling (2173 Lawrence Ave E, at Birchmount; 416-285-0289) yesterday. Good but not great. Now gave it a rating of *** which I agree with. We had spring roll ($1.00) - nice and crispy; Shrimp Manchurian Noodle ($7.50)which uses crispy egg noodles; Chili Chicken ($8.00)- didn't seem too spicy but my head starting sweating (our tolerance for spicy things is moderate); Domestic beer is $2.65!!

Ate at Frederick (1920 Ellesmer at bellamy; 416-439-9234) a couple of months ago. Overall, a bit better than Kimling but further out in Scarborough; similar prices; Frederick's decor is starting to get a bit ragged at the corners.

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  1. A nice place for Hakka Food would be Lin Garden at Pharmacy and Sheppard (SW corner). The Special Shrimp is a big fav. My family would go to frederick's all the time, but noticed the Hakka Noodles did not taste the same.

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      sanjay sainani

      there's another very good Hakka place on Kennedy and Eglinton (in the same plaza as the 241 Subwing place) it's called Chung-Moi or something like that

      Better than Fredericks i think

      I like the $5.50 lunch specials a Fredericks more however

    2. Excellent Hakka, not that I'm some sort of authority though, off of sheppard, west of vic park on the south side in a strip mall...
      LIN GARDEN, chilli chiken, pakoras, manchurian stuff, one MUST try the House Shrimp, dusted w/a light batter and tossed in chili's --- so jumbo and juicy, taste like they've been injected w/butter...

      1. I love Hakka Food and have lived in India as well.
        My faves are:
        -Chung Moi at Kennedy & Eglinton.
        -Faley's is located near Isling & Rexdale. Apparently he is Frederick's brother.
        -If you are in the west end, the best place, and I go here often, is China Garden. It is on Airport Road in the Ruby Queen plaza.

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        1. re: Leah S

          totally agree with you. Those are my favourites as well, and I have tried to go to as many hakka places as possible.


        2. Best Hakka place: Tangerine, Higlen and Markham. Out of the way, but the best!

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            Yueh Tung has the best chilli chicken.

          2. Is there such a thing as real Hakka resturaunts that anyone would be familiar with? Thus far, the fast food version of what is available is always oily (noodles, rice, chili chicken etc) and is basically made with the cheapest meat that can legally be served. Is there anything out there that would be a healthier and tastier choice to the greasy fork & spoon known as Fredrick's?