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Feb 12, 2004 07:22 PM

Bloom Restaurant- Sam Gasira "Son of Focaccia"

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Can someone please help with information on when Bloom will be opening in Bloor West Village. They have a phone number and adress but when you call you are left without an answer or voicemail. Sam Gasira was great a Focaccia.


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  1. I hear Bloom will be open in about a month... BUT if you want to taste Sams food he has an interm gig at a new lounge at 138 Adelaide East @ Jarvis - The place is called Laide.. The Kitchen is open until 5pm-2am Tues-Fri and 7pm-2am Sat

    Here is the menu:

    Marsala short rib ravioli w cremini mushroom
    Lobster and oyster chowder
    Pork tenderloin w spiced pistachio sauce
    Seared tuna, green mango and icy hot shrimp
    Barbecue baby back ribs
    Duck breast, black bean and chocolate sauce
    Sea scallops dressed three ways
    Chaput chèvre, onion galette, frisée, apple and honey
    Tiger prawn Rockefeller w grapefruit sauce
    Lamb loin and sherry enhanced figs
    Rabbit and pancetta terrine, radicchio, avocado salad

    They were written up in both Toronto Life and Flare Magazines this month.