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Feb 12, 2004 12:58 PM

Criveller Cakes_Ice wine truffles for your Valentine

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I had my wedding cake done by them and I received a lot of complements. Check out their website www.crivellercakes.com they specialize in Italian wedding cakes, pastries, and liquor filled truffles. They also create handcrafted truffles with icewine. They have just moved to a new location in Niagara Falls, Ontario. They have a location on Steeles.

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  1. Near which intersection on Steeles? I can't find them in the phone book nor at 411.ca.

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      Their location on steeles is called The Chocolate and Pastry Boutique. I've had their pastries before, and they are excellent, but pricey.

    2. The Chocolate & Pastry Boutique, which carries Criveller's creations, has been a special occassion staple in my family for as long as I can recall. We all look forward to their delicate choux and pastry cream swans, one among a great selection of petite pastries they offer by weight. Their cakes are wonderfully delicate and flavourful, offering sfogli, semi-freddo, mousse, among others. I can't recall the price per kilo for the pastry or cakes, but i can recall that and average 10" round cake will set you back about $32 - and worth every penny.

      If you can make it up to the north border of the city - at 4040 Steeles east of Pine Valley Dr - treat yourself, or, as many italians do when visiting famiglia or paesani, take some to your family or frineds the next time you visit.