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Feb 10, 2004 05:23 PM

Near the ACC

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I was hoping someone could help me with finding 2 things.

1) I am looking for a good place to have dinner around the ACC. Not too pricey but not a hole in the wall either. I would say, "around The Keg pricing". I know I should probably say what type of cuisine I'm looking for but I'm always up for something new.

2) I am also looking for a good bar in the area. Something that is condusive to a relaxed, easy to chat atmosphere.

Just to give you a little background on the group that is going. There are 6 guys (leaving our wives at home) and we have not seen each other in several months.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


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  1. Not sure about good dinner places, but I know a couple bars in the area.

    C'est What is semi-nearby. It's close to St. Lawrence Market, and I believe that you can get dinner there too? I haven't been, but someone I know likes it. They have live music too sometimes, and it seems like a relaxed, fun place to go.

    There's also the Loose Moose, where I wound up with a friend before a Raptors game. It's really close to the ACC, but I'm not sure if it might be too noisy. Definitely relaxed though! And definitely a bar.

    And actually, isn't there a Keg that opened up in the Financial District? A fancy Keg? I don't think it would be too far from the ACC either.

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      Mississauga Matt

      The Keg of which you speak is on York just south of Richmond, in the spot once inhabited by Movenpick.

    2. I recently ate at Copia Wine Bar on Front near just W of the CBC building...the food was good and priced very reasonably. Nice casual menu with interesting pizzas, pastas, seafood, etc.It's not too far from the ACC.

      1. Based on what you have described I would either suggests the new Keg which has a very nice bar or Canyon Creek would probably be perfect for what you are looking for. If you want something even more casual the Beir Market's menu isnt bad and the Jersey Giant if you want more of a bar/pub feel.

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          fiasco has great or at least similar tastes as I was thinking of both Bier Market (great mussels and huge selection of beers) and Canyon Creek. Bier Market is also a huge bar and is busy later in the evening and after work later in the week.

        2. Depends on what you really want...A little cheaper...there's Lone Star, East Side Mario's, Casey's...there's some chains for you. There's also Armadillo (like Lone Star - tex-mex) and Joe Badali's (Italian). These places all have bars as well, with Joe Badali's opening up a pub in the basement (they seem to be a tad pricey though). The Loose Moose is really loose and it does get loud and packed later during the weekend evenings. It's not a bad sports bar. There's The Bottom Line as well for a bar.

          All of the above are on Front St.