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Feb 6, 2004 01:53 PM

Targeted Cal Sandwiches Beaches, end up lunch at Edward Levesque

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My wife and I decided to take a break from the snowy weather for a quick lunch out, and thought we would take a quick drive to the Beaches for veal sandwiches at the California Sandwiches. (Last time, we went up to the San Francesco's way up on Donlands, but they don't really have seating there).

As we drove across Queen Street (east of Woodbine), my wife noted how many changes have happened since the summer when we last went. The McDonald's is gone. Some of the other restaurants have changed facades...

. and we couldn't find the California Sandwiches! I'm pretty sure that I knew where it was, but I think that the storefront is currently vacant.

After some quick rethinking, we decided to try Edward Levesque's. We had looked at the menu when we stopped by Queen Pita last month, and kind of decided that it seemed more like a dinner restaurant than a quick lunch. Still, it was close, and I wanted to try someplace new, so we went in.

The restaurant is nicely laid out, and it would be fine to have a business lunch there. The section way at the back wasn't set up, and the front section filled up over lunchtime (which is an achievement for a Thursday lunch in Leslieville).

I ordered the smoked trout with poached egg on toasted challah, which was nice and light. My wife managed to order the Wednesday special -- this was Thursday! -- of meatloaf, which had a surprise egg in the middle of it. Unfortunately, she thought the egg was overcooked, which shouldn't necessarily be a surprise for a reheated day-old. The meatloaf came with salad, but my wife said she wished she has also gotten mashed potatoes. We weren't offered any bread with meatloaf -- my wife sometimes doesn't eat all of the starches served to her -- but remarked that it would have been nice to have some bread. (I guess I'm too much of a husband, and not enough of a gentlement to have asked).

The bill for the two dishes for lunch (and 2 glasses of Lake Ontario water) was $20 plus tip. The food was well prepared and the restaurant was very nice, but in a chowhoundish way, my wife and I both agreed that we might have gone somewhere else. (We're getting spoiled by the frugality of those Indian buffets, or cheap sushi).

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  1. Hello Divirtual.

    Your review of ELK's lunch prompted us to go there today for brunch, of which I'd read reviews of previously. It wasn't quite busy when we got there but within 20 minutes, it was quite loud and bustling! I considered ordering the smoked trout but since the reviews I had read raved about their french toast, that's what I ordered along with a side of spicy Italian sausage. I was impressed with the size of the challah bread and the honey ricotta/cranberry stuffing was quite nice. Plus the small fruit salad on the side was a bonus. Hubby ordered the all-day breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausages (supposed to be double smoked bacon, but they gave him sausages when he asked), fried potatoes, and multi-grain toast. And for our daughter, we ordered a single (banana) pancake with a side of breakfast sausages. The pancake was very good (it was the size of the plate!). She quickly ate it up then got to work on the sausages. Overall, we enjoyed our meal immensely. It's nice to occasionally move away from greasy spoon brekkies. However, I have to admit that I enjoyed the dinner we had there last November much more.

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      My husband and I also went to ELK for brunch today. We shared two dishes. I asked the waitress to bring the asparagus and brie omelette first and serve the French toast plate once we finished the omelette, which she gladly obliged (this way, the food stays hot because I prefer to eat salty food first). We were very impressed with the quality of the food.

      The asparagus were fresh and crunchy, and there was just enough brie for my liking. It came with delicious home fries sprinkled with herbs. The multi-grain toasts were also very good.

      I enjoyed the French toast very much. I agree with Sierramum, the challah bread and the honey ricotta/cranberry stuffing was delicious and the fresh fruits were a nice touch.

      I am looking forward to going back to this restaurant.