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Feb 6, 2004 12:18 PM

Whole Foods - moved from Ontario board

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Why in god's name do people pay that kind of money to shop there? Its beyond the matter of affordability....its just downright robbery. Please, someone help me understand.

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  1. ...because I can get stuff there I can't anywhere else (well, I probably could find what I'd like somewhere else in the city, but not without undue effort), everything's trans-fat-free and their turkey sausage pizza is aces.

    1. The prices are outrageous for many items. Still every time I shop in a store downtown I get a shock. I'm told the rent is high for down town locations.

      However, I have been forced to trek into Toronto from the outer Scarberia from time to time simply because no one else has what I want. I'm a chef and even I am impressed with the quality and brands that can be found there and not at your regular stores.

      When I go to the check out at the Sobys or Walmart near 401 and Morningside I'm lucky if they have two cashiers on duty and that any of them have the skill of speed rather than hunt , peck and call for a price check. The lines often go around the store! Less employees but when I go to whole foods-WOW Service! People around who actually help you find what you want and usually know what your talking about. Not some kid saying ya it's on isle 5 and then runs away fast should I return empty handed. That is IF you can find someone. Sobys isn't much cheaper and I get a lot less selection or assistance.

      And lets face it. You can go to MacDonald's, you can go to a firkin Pub or you can go to North 44 and get a burger. They are all meat. They all have a bun and toppings right? Yet it's a completely different experience.

      North 44
      2537 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4P 2H9, CA

      1. Some things at Whole Foods are outrageously priced, but some really aren't bad. For example, I find the take out hot dinner to be a pretty good value. It's been a while since I've been so I forget the exact price, but I think it's about $8.99 for a meat, starch, and veg (eg. beef bourguinon, potatoes and green beans) which, IMHO, is better than pizza or Swiss Chalet if you need a quick takeout meal.

        Also, as other posters have mentioned, the selection and quality are great (though I would never do my primary grocery shopping there). Plus, there's free parking.

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          I like a number of items in their "house" brand - 365, and think they are well priced. And, at least here in New York, their dairy items are surprisingly well priced, including butter.

          1. re: MMRuth

            I agree with MMRuth...I love their 365 white albacore tuna, firm and white, good quality...and I love their 365 frozen organic wild blueberries. Also, you can pull up their sales flyers on-line each Wednesday to see what possibly good buys they have each week. Plus they have weekend specials...scored some mighty good crabcakes from their seafood dept. @ $5.00 a piece this past Saturday. Some things are really a good buy there, I find.

          1. re: mrbozo

            In my opinion, cheeses are exrtemely overpriced at the WF.
            A comparable selection of cheeses at much more reasonable prices at Scheffler's Deli, St Lawrence Market.

            1. re: carissima

              hmmm...well they recently had their 365 brand organic herbed goat cheese on sale for $2.99!!! and sold out quickly! loved it!

          2. I don't get it either.