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Feb 5, 2004 05:48 PM

The Green Room - how is it?

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A friend suggested The Green Room, located in the alley S. of Bloor between Brunswick St/ and Howland Ave, for drinks.

Have any of you been there? How is the atmosphere?

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  1. The Green Room is a perennial fave for students, because you can really hand out there, the food and beer is cheap, and the music loud. Personally, I've always hated it and never understood its appeal. The food is fairly mediocre, and the place is kind of dingy. But it could be fun when the crowd is right.

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    1. re: Kasia

      I like the place and it has a nice enclosed patio in the summer. It's a student hangout, food is an afterthought and I don't think the owners realize that you should clean the draft beer lines occassionally. Stick to bottles and your bowels will thank you.

      Probably run by the same people is the Red Room at Spadina/College. Really much the same but a less dingy space.

      There is something fun about wandering into a back alley bar.

      1. re: alsiem

        The green room is kinda cool. Don't expect high class though. the food is pretty blah but it's has a nice atmosphere. It is rough around the edges if that is your sort of thing. They're are a lot of smokers so beware if smoke gets on your nerves.

        My only complaint would be the music is a little loud. the girls are beautiful though.

        1. re: angelo

          Agreed on the music - once sat with a group of friends several tables from the speakers and we still couldn't hear each other.

          But for a tight budget, it's great, though more fun in the summer with the patio.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. Its a great place to watch people and drink cheap beer. Its not a place that will have your raving about its vast selection of imported microbrews or there heavenly organic barley salad with seasonal vegetables. Its one of the many places that serves cheap food and cheap beer to the students all over the Annex. It is indeed the same owners as the Red Room on Spadina and, I think, the Java House on Queen W.

        I love the place but I don't eat there I go to hang out with friends and drink beer on the patio on a warm summer night.

        1. The place has a great Bohemian vibe about it. After dark, lit by candles it feels like a 60s/70s folk club. Their pad thai is pretty good for $6.95 and yes, the beer is cheap. They also have free WiFi.

          1. I haven't been there for a while, but both the Green Room and the Red Room are great places to go for cheap beer. If you don't mind the extra "staff" they have on (aka cockroaches crawling around) then it is quite fun. Both places I have seen roaches crawling around the tables and once at the Red Room there was one floating in our water glass. You can't have cleanliness and cheap beer too.