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Feb 4, 2004 09:33 AM

Jamaican/Caribbean Restaurant for Dinner on Friday Night

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Done some research and the four choices I have come up with are:

Irie Caribbean on College
Real Jerk on Queen
Caribbean Roti Palace on Bathhurst
Vena on Queen

Looking for good Jamaican food and ambience. Have not been to any of these and would appreciate some feedback or other recommendations.

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  1. Hi Kimmy,

    Of the four places you listed, the only one I've been to is the Real Jerk. We've been going there on occasion since the early nineties and while it's not high end dining, the food is solid. We always order the cod fritters for appetizer, hubby orders one of the rotis, and I usually get either the daily special or the jerk chicken/ox tail combo dinner. The one complaint is that during the dinner hour, it's so dark inside that it's hard to read the menu. I believe they also have live music on weekend nights but probably after the dinner hours.


    1. Irie on College used to be an excellent choice for great Carribean food, but the quality of food and what is actually available has really declined over the last three years. On last visit few months ago, roughly half of the menu was not available!

      My recent fave is Irie on Queen west of Bathurst. Different owners from the College retaurants, although apparently the owners of both places are friends and have collaborated on menus. The food is based on traditional Carribbean dishes but does not replicate them - it's more of a fusion menu of Carribean, Thai and other flavours. The food is pretty good, good value, servers are great, and the space and atmosphere very inviting.

      1. Irie on College closed a little while ago, just so you know. If you hear of its reopening please let me know.