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Feb 3, 2004 06:11 PM

best, inexpensive bbq chinese food?

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i'd like to find places in the GTA that sell items such as chinese bbq duck, bbq cuttle fish etc. i know there are lots out there, i'd just like to know where the best tasting, and/or least expensive ones are.


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  1. Still like Sam Woo, plaza is one light south of Steeles Ave E, E side of Warden Ave in Scarborough.

    The Sam Woo BBQ takeout is close to the McDonald's there.

    Beware though....

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      Cheri Komaiko

      The very best Chinese Seafood restaurant I've ever been to is Maple Pepper off Route 7 in Markham. I'm not sure about cuttlefish, but the crab and other fresh (still swimming in tanks) seafood was OUTSTANDING! The menus and signs are all in Chinese but the staff is wonderfully helpful and will design a menu to fit your tastes and exceed your expectations.

      1. There's a good place inside the food court at the plaza on the corner of Midland and Sheppard (can't remember its name)...roast pig and BBQ pork are the best!

        I'd agree with Sam Woo for BBQ duck.

        I enjoy soya chicken at Super Cantonese on Sheppard east of Brimley. Their fish sauce chicken is good too!

        1. The place at Midland/Sheppard is called Midtown Plaza. Stall #3 in the food court is the BBQ and I've always enjoyed the duck and pork.

          One thing I noticed: The day before Chinese New Year's, there was a HUGE lineup at that stall for duck and other BBQ. Maybe it was busy like that at other Chinese BBQ places, but it just confirmed what I already knew about THAT place: They had good food at good prices.

          Thanks Goober for the warning (i.e., possible "bait-and-switch" of old meat).