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Feb 3, 2004 03:20 PM

good Peruvian and Spanish restaurants in downtown

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I was wondering if anybody knows of any good and not so expensive Peruvian or Spanish restaurants in the dowtown area?

Thank you!!

Nicolas Sternsdorff

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  1. There are quite a few South American restaurants on St. Claire near Dufferin. I'm been meaning to try some, definitely Peruvian, Columbian and Ecuadorian were represented.

    There have been some reviews on this board but if anyone has recent experience I'd love to read about it. I probably won't get out there until after winter stops happening to me.

    1. The Boulevard Cafe on Harbord St. is (more or less) Peruvian, owned by Peruvians I think. Good tamales and ceviche. Has been there for ages, reliably good food, friendly service.
      Another place on Harbord is Latitude, owned by Chileans, also with a generic South American menu. Pretty good food. Nice patio in back.

      1. Hey,

        Sorry for the (somewhat) late post...

        There's El Bodegon on College (Peruvian); always seems to have a *massive* line-up though(esp. in the summer). Can definitely vouch for their fare. :) Try googling for it.