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Feb 3, 2004 01:00 PM

Good lunch places near the core?

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I'm working in the downtown area, specifically around Dundas and Yonge... Looking for some nicer lunch places to go to- anything south of bloor...

Here are some places that I like:

Kubo DX- (Bay+King, DesignExchange) Nice place for a quick Chinese-inspired lunch, cool atmosphere and funny menu!

Saigon Sister (Yonge+Bloor) Nice Vietnemese place, inexpensive given the portion and quality (6-7 for PadThai with beed/chicken/shrimp/etc.) Service was a bit slow on my last visit though.

Mochizuki (Elm+Bay) Slightly pricey Japanese place but excellent service and very good authentic Japanese.

Going to try out Pangea at Bay and Bloor and Agora at AGO for Winterlicious....

Anyone else have ideas?


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  1. How about the Salad King? Generally okay food...maybe extremely crowded at lunch though. Another rec would be Mamma's Pizza (Yonge and Adelaide?)...apparently the BEST in the city...always a wait for your slice though...busy, busy.

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      Sometimes downstairs at Salad King can be a bit crazy but they have just opened the upstairs (you go in the main door)- they have called it Linda. The food is a bit higher quality (if you can beleive it) but is also a bit more expensive as a result. The room is small but nice - I suspect you might want to consider reservations though...

      1. re: otonabee

        That's interesting- I'm very close to Salad King but I didn't like it very much because it was so crowded and had that sort of Cafeteria-style seating and service that was too close for comfort. If I ever want pad thai I go to Ginger 2 (cheap and good)at Gerrard and Yonge or Saigon Sister (less cheap, but nicer surroundings)at Bloor and Yonge.