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Feb 2, 2004 08:47 AM

Rosewater Supper Club-Winterlicious 2004

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I went there on Saturday. The overall experience rates a 'bad'. The appetizers were good. I would recommend the mushroom soup over the salad but both were good. For main dishes, do not order the capon. It was dry. We let our waiter know. My partner could not finish it. We split my steak dish. If you order the steak, order it rare. My steak dish was 'okay'. It was edible but nothing to write home about. The dessert was okay. Again, nothing exciting either.

The hostess sat us in the bar area even though there were still many tables available in the dining area. No one else was sat in the bar area for quite a while. We felt seperated from the rest of the restaurant. We mentioned it to our waiter as I watched other people arriving after us enter the main dining room to be seated for their Winterlicious dinner. He told us to think of it as a 'romantic area'. Well, it was far from romantic. Each time the door opened, we felt the cold winter breeze. We did not linger after dessert becase it was too cold. Finally, they sat another couple with us in the bar area, but the couple hated the bar area so much they asked to be moved to the main dining area. We finished out dining experience alone in the bar area.

I mentioned to the hostess on the way out that we hated our table. She said they were very busy and hence they sat us there. Wrong answer. There were plenty of tables available. There were people arriving after us who were seated for Winterlicious in the main dining room. When we left, there were still tables available. When a person makes a reservation at a restaurant 3 weeks ahead, they do not expect to be sat in the bar area. If I had known that I was going to be in the bar area, I would never have dined at Rosewater.

Due to the overall experience, I would never dine there again.


Food 2/5 (Only because the appetizers were good)
Ambience 1/5
Value 1/5
Service 1/5

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  1. Hi there,

    Please understand I'm not trying to play down your experience at all, but I've walked out of restaurnats before when they've refused to sit me in an area without a reasonable explanation.

    Happy dining!

    1. Oh no, I was so looking forward to a dinner with a bunch of friends there this Friday! There really is a lot of unevenness in the way restaurants handle this event - too bad since it is a great idea.

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      1. re: Kasia

        Don't be put off. Had an amazing meal there on Tuesday night -- can recommend the lobster ravioli.

        1. re: John C.

          Thanks for the tip - will do. I am going there tomorrow, will add my impressions to the list.