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Jan 31, 2004 04:51 PM

my favs. in T.O...list is incomplete...needs help!

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Hello all!

I'm a fairly new poster on this site. Love love LOVE food of all sorts. Thought I would start by naming a few of my favourite food destinations in Toronto (in no particular order) followed by a question for my fellow food lovers:

MEXICAN - El Sol (guacamole is killer, as is the chicken mole - share a combo for better value)

THAI - Ban Vanipha (have only been twice - really authentic, very fresh)

SEAFOOD - Starfish (best oysters I've had in T.O. to date)

FALAFEL - Sarah's (it's good, cheap, and close to the U!)

INDIAN - The Host (pricey - the butter chicken and naan bread are amazing!)

PORTUGESE - Chiado (fish to die for - no joke)

JAPANESE - Edo (the one on Eg. W. - a bit pricey but very fresh!)

PUB/BAR FOOD - The Duke of York (great eats - try the stilton artichoke tip with foccacia spears...and a pint!)

VIETNAMESE - Pho Hung (on Bloor W. - recommend the dish with the rice, egg, porkchop, veg. and "quiche"...and a mango shake!)

ETHIOPIAN - Ethiopian House (great veg. platter for 2)

PIZZA - Pizza Gigi, Pizza Tournesol (both make a nice thin crust)

ROTI - Caribbean Roti Palace (boneless chicken or spinach/potato/squash - either are very tasty!)

KOREAN - Sejong (especially for BBQ meats like Kalbi), Il Bunji (for fish dishes)

VEGETARIAN (I'm not one, but enjoy the food on a reg. basis) - Bo De Duyen (the fake duck is excellent), Annapurna (3 salad sampler with honey mustard dressing and an order of bonda), Fresh on Bloor (for a really good but healthy Sat. brunch)

DESSERT - La Paloma Gelateria & Cafe (have had gelato this good only in Italy),
Athens Pastries (the loukoumades, also known as "honey drenched little balls of fried dough," are killer - get them with cinammon),
Wanda's Pie in the Sky (cherry pie almost as good as my Grandmother's)
Kim Moon Bakery (coconut buns),
Clafouti Patisserie & Cafe (best croissant in T.O...the chocolate pepper cookies are also divine)
the list goes on and on

As much as I love these all, there are some gaps. I have yet to find
3)authentic English Fish n' Chips
restaurants that have really satisfied to the same extent as those listed above.
Sending out a FOOD S.O.S.!!!
Suggestions for 1, 2 and 3?


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  1. Nice list!

    Don't know if Harbord Fish & Chips is "authentic," but it's certainly good, and very near to UofT.


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    1. re: SF

      •best Italian in Toronto is Ferro, on St. Clair West. Grazie is not bad, either, and good cost. A sleeper Italian restaurant is Michaelangelo's on Gerrard St. East, @ Woodbine. Sotto Sotto is OK, but u can never get a reservation.
      However, I strongly believe — and perhaps another debate — Montreal has much, much better Italian restaurants than Toronto.

      • best pizza is a takeout joint on Danforth, Colombo's Pizza.

      • best pub food is McSorely's on Bayview.

      • best Thai/Malaysian is Harry and Jean's on Danforth, near Main. (it may be called something else, but same owners)

      •best steakhouse is House of Chan, on Eglinton West.

      •best French (for value) is Sauvignon, on Queen East in Beaches.

      1. re: PV

        Best pub food ... try the Banknote at Bathurst and King, it's quite good. I hear that Beerbistro at King and Victoria is great, and I intend to try it very soon. C'est What? is also terrific for both food (try the lamb burger) and a stunning selection of micro brewery beers, including four (4!!!!) cask ales on tap.

        Best fish and chips ... Al's Fish and Chips in the Village by the Grange, McCaul and Dundas (very close to U of T)

        1. re: Matt

          A few thoughts to add to your list:

          Try White Brothers Fish & Chips way at the east end of the Beaches (just east of the Fox movie theatre). Excellent fish & Chips. They even have a fish and salad of the day and a few fries combo for those who need veggies with their deep fry...

          I love Zucca for Italian food - especially homemade pastas - they're across from the Art Shop on Yonge St. south of Eglinton - not cheap, but a nice date restaurant.

          The Thai place on the Danforth just east of Main is now called Jean's Thai Kitchen - great cheap thai food - fabulous ginger chili eggplant

          And if you're in the east end with a chocolate craving in the winter- try the homemade hot chocolate at Ed's Real Scoop (also on Queen East near Willow Ave?)

          Oh, and has anyone mentioned Diner 55 on Baview? They close early so aren't open for dinner, but have great homemade versions of all the diner favourites - their chicken club sandwich is the best I've found.

          Happy hunting...

      2. re: SF

        Re: Fish & Chips- I recommend "Chippy's" on Queen West. Excellent.

      3. best chinese:
        restaurant in metropolitain hotel
        dragon dynasty in scarborough
        and lee garden in chinatown