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I'm new to this board but have been lurking for ages - I'm addicted. I know everyone is tired of "where is the best" questions but here goes.... There was a restaurant in the Beach called I think Griffiths that had a takeout section with the best butter tarts in the land. Sadly, it closed many years ago. So, where can I find the tastiest, flakiest, butteriest tart in t.O.?

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    Ted Richards

    Griffiths didn't really close, it just relocated and changed its name. It's now called Grumble's Deli-Cafe. It's on the west side of Main, just south of Danforth. It's run by the same people that ran Griffith's.

    I believe they still have the butter tarts.

    1. thanks for the question. i love butter tarts myself and was glad somebody thought of asking this question.

      second cup serves this chocolate butter pecan tarts that is wonderful. i brought one for myself and for my husband, but my husband never got to taste it, he just heard about how wonderful it is.

      1. Here is the answer to the best, I mean the BEST, butter Tart in all of Canada. Ok, at least, as far as, what I have had so far. It is ... drum roll please... Duffits bakery on Queens street in Toronto! I dare any one to prove me wrong on this - unless I have missed it on the Quelph butter tart trail. Peace and enjoy!

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          Never heard of Duffits bakery but I am sure Maid's Cottage has them beat.

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              My response was somewhat tongue and cheek, I knew she meant Dufflet. Dick move on my part but hey, I couldn't help myself;)

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                tongue in cheek. sorry couldn't resist. ; )

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                  Well done Justsayn. I guess I deserved a taste of my own medicine this time;)

          1. Maids Cottage in Newmarket makes great tarts as well as Phipps Bakery on Eg W. What I particularly liked at Phipps was the Caramel Butter Tart. It has a shortbread like crust which is what you taste first. Then the gooey filling takes over followed by a nice caramel after taste.
            I will take The Flaky Tart tarts over both. They're a bit on the runny side but what I like (as with most things there) is the judicious use of sugar. These things have just enough to make it sweet without so much that it makes you sick. So you can easily have a few.

            FWIW, I've had chocolate butter tarts before and don't much care for them. Neither the chocolate nor the butter tart seem to be better for the pairing.


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              "So you can easily have a few."

              I like your style Davwud. ; )

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                +1 on Phipps' Caramel Butter Tart.

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                  Must agree with Davwud on Maid's Cottage. Maid's Cottage makes THE BEST Butter Tarts EVER!! Nothing else comes close. And even though MC is in Newmarket, their butter tarts are sold all over Toronto...proving there is a God :)

                  Flaky Tart is also really good, but IMO doesn't come close to the ones from Maid's Cottage.

                2. Sigh. Sorry to be a negative nelly on an early Saturday morning, but did we really need to drag up a thread from 2004 to start the same discussion about buttertarts that's already going on over 350 posts in another thread?

                  Clearly I need a buttertart to make me less cranky.

                  And heck, I'll add to the discussion to make up for my crankiness. I recently discovered the buttertarts at The Pie Plate in NOTL. A totally different style than Flaky Tart -- this one is small, with almost no filling, but the small amount of filling is sticky and caramelized and oh so delicious. I personally love the ones with pecans (I know, I know, not a buttertart then) because it's like a perfectly awesome mini pecan pie without all the goopy filling.

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                    You're not being a negative nelly. I felt the same way when I saw this post, but I figured...what the hell...and joined in :)

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                      Here's the link to the other thread on our CH buttertart trail:


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                        Thanks for adding that breadcrumbs, since anything that can be said about butter tarts has already been said there.

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                        Truth be told Jo, when I saw the title I thought you'd have the first reply with a link to the old thread.

                        I too, like kwass, figured I'd just join in.


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                          I love the butter tart at Bannock.

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                          Breadcrumbs, you're the best! I love that you keep directing people to the proper thread :)

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                            Maybe that's why the name " breadcrumbs" ;-)

                        2. Just a thought: I have no idea why this post suddenly resurfaced. I can tell you that I am now craving a butter tart and I am now on a mission to find one in Toronto. Thanks all.

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                            But the post that everyone is being redirected to covers Toronto as well as places outside Toronto.

                          2. Grumbel's at Main and Danforth. Yum. Sweet Bliss makes a tasty butter tart square, but i know it's not quite the same thing :0

                              1. A bit out of the way but I had a really tasty chocolate chip butter tart at Queenies this weekend. Lovely pastry the filling was a nice and dense with the sticky (not honey-like) and chocolate chips.

                                (They also had tasty pecan squares.)