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Jan 29, 2004 07:36 PM

Looking for Great Brunch/Breakfast Place in TO

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I am looking for a great breakfast/brunch place in TO. i have tried already Azul, Xacutti, Creme de la Creme, Maggie's, Easy, Auntie's & Uncles, Irish Embassy, By the Way Cafe, Mitzi's, Fran's, Sizzlin' Jack's. Any good suggestions? If anyone has ever been to Creme de la Creme out at Bloor & Royal York, I would like to find something like that in downtown Toronto....much appreciated.

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  1. This is an old style diner on Dundas at Ossington. It is usually packed on the weekend but the turn over of tables is quick so there isn't a terrible wait.

    I would also recommend Joy Bistro in Leslieville. It is one block west of Queen and Leslie.

    On the Danforth, there is Mocha Mocha.

    Good luck!

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      I would say that my fav spot right now for brunch is Mildred Pierce. There can be a bit of a wait, but the food is definitely worth the wait.

    2. What did you like about this place?
      Never been but heard good things.

      1. My favourite place these days is Sugar, around Queen and Shaw. Low-key atmosphere, tasty food and great (the lattes are accompanied by little squares of great chocolate - an excellent way to start the day). I also like Petit Dejeuner on King West (around Jarvis/Sherbourne) I've heard good things about Niagara Street Cafe. I've never been to Creme de la Creme so I don't know how to compare.

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          I concur. What I also like about Sugar is that it has a healthier option on the menu - a combo of hardboiled egg, greens, really good bread (does anyone know where they get their bread from?) a piece of brie and some jam - not one fried item on the plate! Their coffee is good and well brewed - essential for those of us who've had a hard night before :) and the little chocolates that come with are just the perfect extra. I must say I like Sugar much more than its neighbouring Bar One. The latter's food is well executed and some dishes are innovative twists on the brunch traditions, but the atmosphere at Sugar is much more relaxed and enjoyable.

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            Everyone must try Beaver Cafe on Queen west of Dufferin (just next to Gladstone Cafe). The menu is the same on weekdays and weekends so I would suggest going on a weekday if you can to avoid the crowds and get a real feel for the place. It serves paninis with various combos of fillings, good salads and soups, and the tastiest cream cheese/lox on bread in town. That is because of the bread - it is a real rich nutty black bread that is toasted almost to a slight burn; perfect compliment to the saltiness and sourness of the lox, cream cheese and capers.

            1. re: Kasia

              I was at the Beaver Cafe for the first time this aft with some friends! Very good brunch. Kept it simple today and had the steamed scrambled eggs with ham and toast - excellent. Was also served an unusually good cup of coffee.
              Will definitely go back.


          2. re: YumYum

            I LOVE brunch at Sugar. Their home made meusli with yogurt and (tons) of fruit is my favorite. The french toast is also great. I'm not big on eggs so I can't comment on their skills there. I agree with a previous comment that Sugar is much better than its neighbour Bar One. I recently went to Niagra Street Cafe and really liked it despite the fact that almost all menu items feature eggs (there's also pancakes on Saturday and french toast on Sunday - or vice versa). Servings are huge, their biscuits are great and all plates are accompanied by a decent serving of organic fruit. I can't wait for the weekend...

          3. Like you, I am a BIG breakfast/brunch fan...I have two favorites in Toronto - Senator (Dundas E and Victoria) and Mildred Pierce , although I found the service here a little on the slow side. I've never been hear of CDLC but it seems like it's worth the trip!

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              Frances in Toronto

              Creme de la Creme is probably not as fancy as Mildred Pierce but it is consistent quality for reasonable prices... & i love the grated rosti-like hash browns. and you can usually get a good breakfast for 2 for $25 or less, including coffees and OJs, tax & tip. If you order just the traditional breakfast, then it's $20 for 2 (taxes & tips incl.).

              Thanks for your suggestions. I may give that Mildred Pierce a try...