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Jan 29, 2004 02:50 PM

Stock bases - Canada

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The posters over on the General board are discussing different stock pastes/liquids that they prefer in their home cooking, for when someone doesn't have the time or inclination to make their own stock at home.

Names like "Better than Bouillon" and "Better than Gourmet", along with some other ones are all being thrown around as trusted options. I've heard good things about these brands but I know that we don't have any of these in Canada. Canned stocks just don't seem to cut it & the powdered stuff that comes in cubes is just plain scary.

The only stock paste I've been able to find is the President's Choice one...and that's fairly good, but it seems to be the only option.

Does anyone know of any other brands or stores that carry good stock bases in Toronto?

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  1. I am a food product developer for a frozen food manufacturer. You will be seeing less beef stock bases now that there is a ban on US beef imports..but only if it contains more than 2% beef.

    There is only one Canadian producer of beef stock bases for restaurant/industry, E.D. Foods. I like to use Mirepoix pastes from industrial suppliers as well, but again, these are not available in retail.

    When I'm camping, I buy the dry stuff. There is an organic brand you can get at most health food stores, I think it is free of HVP(hydrolyzed vegetable proteins), yeast extracts and other non-natural sources of MSG.

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      Are you referring to Rapunzel's organic bouillon cubes? I really like their organic vegan vegetable cube. It's has *NO* trans fats unlike many other brands.

      Of course homemade stock is much preferred if time/energy allows. I'm a lazy git so I don't often make my own ;)

    2. I don't use bases, I actually buy frozen stock at Loblaws. They sell them in small deli-containers with a gold label. I can't recall the brand, I think it's something local.

      The stocks are quite good, and come in beef, turkey, vegetable and fish. Possibly others, as well, but those are the kind I've been known to buy.