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Jan 28, 2004 09:37 PM

Chinese restaurants in Mississauga

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Would appreciate it if someone could recommend a couple of good Chinese restaurants in the Mississauga area.

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  1. on the north east corner of Dundas and Winston Churchill. I went there for the first time w/friends last sunday and it was really good. and im guessing that the peking duck was great because since we sat besides the door to the kitchen, we saw AT LEAST two dozen ducks come through.
    another good place is emerald something on the south west corner of eglinton and hurontario.
    i cant recall the name of the place on the south east corner of mavis and eglinton (the plaza w/blackbuster and mr. sub) but i've never been due to the high price.

    good luck

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      Frances in Toronto

      Yes I agree that Emerald Garden Chinese Restaurant is a great place, dim sum in the day. never tried the dinner at night but should be good.

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        I would never go to emerald again, i used to go there all the time, but i found a hair in my noodles and when i complained they took the dish back and gave me what looked like the exact same dish minus the hair about 2 minutes later. No sorry or no discount. On top of that when i tried to get take out they wouldn't give me the good hot sauce. The lady said that i would have to pay extra, i told her that i ate there all the time and they never charge me for hot sauce, she refused unless i paid 50 cents. That's good service huh? That was my last time!

      2. Happy Jade at northeast corner of Dundas and Dixie is worth a visit. They run daily specials (e.g., Peking Duck on Wednesdays) Where in Mississauga (i.e., what area) did you want to go?

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          Happy Jade isn't that great, in terms of Chinese food. I used to eat their regularly with family, and have grown up eating at Chinese restaurants, and after a while I couldn't stomach it. They use something in the food, either too much garlic or MSG, that leaves a really strong, drying aftertaste.

          There's a new place in Brampton which is quite good, called Kingsley Restaurant, near Kennedy and Queen Street (the Brampton versions of those streets). It's worth the drive from Mississauga.

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            I went to Kingsley Restaurant this weekend and can also recommend it. It's actually run by one of the (former?) partners that owns Emerald Restaurant in Mississauga.

            Prices for dim sum are average for the GTA ($1.80/2.90/3.40 for S/M/L). Selection is made via carts and they are frequently replenished. No particular dim sum dishes stood out but the taro puffs (wu gok) and potstickers (wor tip) were tasty.

            Lots of seating (they have private rooms and a dancing room in the back) and parking in the plaza.

        2. Coming from TO, I was a bit skeptic about good Chinese food in mississauga. But after trying "The Perfect Kitchen" I now realize why my fiance's family has been going there religiously every saturday for the past 5 years. We order off the chinese menu, so I don't know what the "non-chinese" menu is like. But the crab which is deep fried (garlic and no sauce) is amazing. Same as their sweet and sour pork. Their fish stomach soup is really good too, but it is an acquired taste.
          Ooo...and they have these chicken wings which are deboned and stuffed with minced shrimp and deep fried. Mmm....good.
          The address is 3075 Ridgeway Dr. 905-569-1488 Off Dundas, near the Oakville Border. "The Perfect Kitchen" is hidden in a commercial plaza beside Costco.

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