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poppy-seed strudel etc.

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Can anyone suggest places that can satisfy my poppy-seed cravings? I'm looking for authentic poppy-seed strudel made the way Hungarian grandmas used to make it -- real strudel dough, tons of poppy-seed, no filler. I'm making do with the Harbord Bakery poppy-seed ring, which is OK but not the same.
News of any other intense Toronto poppy-seed experience is most welcome.

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  1. try the bakeries on Roncesvalles or Bloor West Village. I doubt that they are the same as Hungarian poppyseed strudel, but you can find poppyseed-based cakes in most Polish bakeries. Go for the flat cake, rather than the round long loaf (the latter often has little poppyseed mixture). Granowska's makes good baked goods although their prices are quite outrageous in comparison to other places on the strip (Roncesvalles). Benna's (also on Ronces, closer to Queen) often has a poppyseed cake laced with raisins, which is pretty good.

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      The one at Prague Deli (Queen St. West of Bathurst) is very good too.

    2. I think I saw some at Tuske on Bloor west of Bathurst

      1. What A Bagel, at Yonge and Wellsley, makes a delicious poppy seed strudel.

        1. When I lived in Poland, I had a drozdrowka-a-day habit.
          I have yet to find a polish poppy-seed danish to compare to the ones in the 'old country'...but the best I can get is at Roncesvalles Bakery....on Roncesvalles of course. Their panchkies and potato latkes are divine as well.

          1. Whenever I am in Yorkville on a Saturday afternoon I go to Cake Master, lower level on Cumberland. They fresh bake more than once daily a melt-in-the-mouth Poppyseed Danish that beats anything I have ever had in Toronto. Mind you I do not know what is regarded as an authentic Polish strudel - but I do love anything with Poppyseeds and these are wonderful.

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              unfortunately CakeMaster closed in early 2007 , so my favorite lunch of lentil soup , meatloaf sandwich with cheese spread on dark rye , a poppyseed danish , and several cups of coffee is no longer available . on the positive side ... Carol's Cheesecake Company has opened a restaurant several doors east of CakeMaster's location , and they have a nice menu and delicious cheesecake . i doubt there are any poppy seed delicacies though

            2. Funny, I was craving cherry retes a couple of days ago. Cabbage would go down well too. If Tuske has strudel please confirm.

              Yesterday I was in Honey Bear on Sheppard Ave. E. I wasn't looking for them, but thought I saw several begli rolls amongst the pastries. Naturally there would be poppy if that's the case. Not strudel, but it might scratch your poppy seed itch.

              Also, you might take a walk along the north side of St. Clair Avenue West. Before we left the city four years ago there were at least two really fine Hungarian bakery/delis in the vicinity of the Magyar Haz, probably west of it. Does anyone know if they are still there?

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                The Deli is still there. It's called St. Clair Delicatessen. It's between Rushton and Arlington. Sadly, the bakery is gone.

                Magyar Haz opened a small patio cafe on the odd weekend this summer. Unfortunately I never had a chance to check it out.

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                  I visited Tuske last fall, and they had 3 types of strudel: poppyseed, cheese, and cherry. I just tried the poppyseed, it was good. Lots of filling in a flaky pastry.

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                    Do you know if Tuske makes REAL Dobos Torte? The kind with burnt caramel on the top? My parents are in their 90's and from Hungary and I would dearly love to get them a real Dobos Torte. We don't live in Toronto but if someone could tell me if they have tasted it I would be willing to drive to Toronto to get it for them. Thanks for any help.

                2. I highly recommend the one at Piegus at Markham and Lawrence. The moistest, freshest I have found.

                  1. Denninger's - know a few in the West GTA/905 area. Also Bloor West Village - many of the Ukrainian delis/bakeris.

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                      Try Future Bakery -- the main location is at 106 North Queen, Etobicoke, ON
                      (416) 231-1491. They have several different poppy seed cakes/rolls, in addition to a bunch of great old world style breads, dairy products, etc. All with a Ukrainian or Polish flare.

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                        Most of the open window bakery chain stores have something like you describe. Not sure if it is Polish or Hungarian though.

                    2. Looking for something similar for Xmas - walnut bejgli (beigli). Never got the taste for the poppy seed, but every year we'd buy a walnut bejgli from the Elizabeth Bakery/deli on Bloor. Sadly, since it's closing I have gone without both this and the yummy packages of szaloncukor (chocolate covered jelly candies).

                      I'm in the east end but have-car-will-travel, so any leads on either would be appreciated. I'd try to make the bejgli myself, but I'm not so adept with yeasty recipes.

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                        Honey Bear on Sheppard between Yonge and Bayview might carry it. I've liked all the pastries I've bought there. I'm not familiar with bejgli, but they had several types of pastries, including a walnut filled crescent, for sale last time I was there. If they don't carry or make it, I'm pretty sure they could tell you if another bakery makes it.

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                          I like the walnut strudel at Fresh From the Farm. It's best to go on Thursday as they often run out by Friday. They also have the poppyseed variety.

                        2. Coming from a Hungarian background I can understand your cravings..The best Hungarian bakery I have found is in Etobicoke called Blue Danube.Their products are miles ahead of the tasteless strudel that most bakeries try to sell.

                          1. there's a place on Esna Park just north of Woodbine... it's in a little strip mall, and they are open from 11-2 (or something equally insane) every day. They make poppy seed strudel, sour cherry strudel, hungarian goulash and schnitzel. It's right near the big IBM building. I see the (tiny) sign every day, and I know my coworkers LOVE the stuff there. You can buy the strudel already baked or, for slightly cheaper, frozen and ready to bake at home.

                            1. I know what I'm doing this weekend...the quest begins!