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Jan 27, 2004 10:06 AM

Red wine recs needed! TIA

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Morning all,

I looking for your recs for a red wine to be enjoyed on it's own or with a lovely pasta dinner...preferably something under $20 a bottle.

I've tried most of the obvious Wolf Blass, Masi, etc and was looking for that wonderful hidden gem of a wine.

All recs welcome!

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, L.

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  1. Hi-

    Membrillo is correct and took the words right out of our mouth. After you have re-posted on General Topics we will delete this thread.

    Hope you find a memorable wine.

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    1. re: The Chowhound Team

      Just as a note before you delete this thread. There is a local component to this question, because wine distribution in Ontario is controlled by the government, and thus (1) wines that are in Wine Spectator may or may not be available and (2) since prices are standard markup rather than market-based, cheap wines tend to be slightly overpriced (by American standards) but vintage estate-bottled Bordeaux are relatively cheap.

      I'm not suggesting that the question isn't overly broad, but I don't see it much different from the discussions on chocolate (where I'm looking for a local distributor) or olive oil (where all brands aren't available) specifically in Toronto.

      If you disagree, I guess that this thread will disappear. I was going to suggest some Mission Hill wines from British Columbia that are rather hard to find in Ontario, let alone anywhere else in the world! (I've come into the habit of taking some of these wines to other places in the world, e.g. Finland, and having astonished expressions on the faces of my hosts).

      1. re: divirtual

        You have a good point, and we'll leave the thread up, but we would still prefer to see more general wine recommendations go in a new topic on the General Topics board, and keep the recs here focused on wines or distributors specific to Toronto.

        1. re: divirtual

          Thats a great idea - taking wines as gifts to overseas folks. I am quite partial to Mission Hill wines myself. The winery is a stone's throw from my parents house and I have been there a few times.

        2. re: The Chowhound Team

          the only red wine you will ever need to buy again is Candidato from Spain, $8.20.....I have cases in my basement, I could drink this stuff with my toast for breakfast it's so good.

          LCBO 523811 750 mL bottle

          Wine, Still Table Wine, Red Still Table Wine
          12.5% Alcohol/Vol.

          Made in: Rioja, Spain

          Tasting Note:
          Bricking red colour; Aromas of black cherry, roasted red fruits and game, with semi-sweet chocolate and mint/herb notes; Dry, medium-full bodied with sweet dark fruit flavours and oaky vanillin notes in the long finish.

          Serving Suggestion
          Red meats, especially Lamb; Bruschetta; Roasted pork; Aged cheeses.

          $ 8.20

        3. For recommendations for good, cheap wine try Gordon Stimmel's column in the Toronto star.

          Archieved articles are on the The Star site and located off the Life tab. They're published on Wednesday's but other days search the food section.

          Again, many people use this resource and wines with a good review often sell out.

          1. Since you haven't reposted on the General Board (Goto and scroll down to the map of N. America. Under the map, you click onto the General board.
            Your request seems to call for two different wines. For sipping, you want something light and fruity. Beaujolais (Georges deBoeuf) or the more expensive Beaujolais Villages should be excellent.

            For Pasta, you need something like "Dago Red!" Some polite names are Chianti, Protocolo or it's American counterpart, Zinfandel. (red not white) Two of my favorite Zins are: Gundlach Bundeschu and Rancho Zabaco.

            1. If you can find it, Yellowtail, an Australian Shiraz. Trouble is that it was written up in Toronto Life and it's so good that the LCBO has had problems keeping up with demand. It's in the $12 range - can't remember exactly.

              Also, in the Vintages section for around $13, try a red wine from the Rhone, Perrin Rouge. Watch the label carefully since the red and rose are in very similar bottles. If you're looking for rose that's OK but if you meant to buy red it's a bit of a surprise!

              Both of the above are true bargains at these prices.

              1. A couple of nice ease drinking wines I would recommend are Inniskillin's Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir. These wines are comparably ligher bodied than most reds and can be sipped by itself or with pasta.