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Jan 25, 2004 07:17 PM

Korean Grill House / Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

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My two newest dining experiences:

On Friday, a co-worker and I (after getting liquored up at her place), went for dinner at the Korean Grill House on Queen W. We arrived just before 11 pm and were seated at the back. It was busy but not overly so which enabled us to fully enjoy the experience. I had so much fun grilling the meats - beef, pork, chicken, fish and squid. I loved the beef and pork the best, was disinterested in the chicken, and liked the fish and squid just for the fact that it was seafood. The little side dishes were nice. There was pickled radish, bean sprouts two different ways, fried tofu, kim chee and a small bowl of soup for each of us. I so was disappointed with the kim chee, considering this was a Korean place after all. Not hot enough, not tasty enough. Seeing as this was all you can eat, we went through two rounds of everything before calling it quits. Total with tax & tip: $24.00. Not too shabby for a fun Friday night. I'll be going back soon with hubby and daughter. She'll love grilling her own food and it seems like a nice place to go for a family lunch.

This morning, we went to Dynasty Chinese Restaurant for dim sum. This is what we ordered:

steamed supreme har gow (2)
chive & scallop dumpling
steamed scallop & shrimp siu mai w/ minced pork
steamed beef balls w/ vegetable
steamed mini octopus in curry sauce
steamed rice crepes (cheung fan) w/ shrimp & chive
steamed rice w/ chinese fungus & chicken
crispy shrimp rolls
deep fried sesame shrimp rolls
grilled pork dumplings

Though I thoroughly enjoyed eating these dishes, I have to say that the beef balls, cheung fan, and grilled pork dumplings were average fare. What I thought were the tastiest: siu mai, octopus w/ curry and the chinese fungus on the steamed rice. The deep fried sesame shrimp rolls were devine. Hubby and I just devoured them. Overall, a pleasant experience. The service was good, we were even asked what kind of tea we wanted - jasmine or oolong? The one thing that really bothered me was that I could not find what the prices for the dim sum dishes were. All that they indicated was S, M, L, XL, and XXL. So, with tax and tip, $72.00 was quite a bit high for us to be paying for breakfast.

As we were walking out, I told hubby that next time, I would pick up the bill. :)

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  1. Korean Grill House is not owned by koreans. They are owned by chinese and the method they use to create "korean" barbecue and side dishes are not of authentic korean ways. The template of entertaining (cooking all you can eat meat on the grill) with sides dishes and rice is popular and seen in markham korean bbq restaurants (also owned by chinese). The meat is not of high quality. The quality is more like "fast food" korean food. But I must admit entertaining ambiance is there and it is cheap.

    Korean BBQ tastes better when it's done authentically and I do recommend you try it in Korean town between bathurst and christie on bloor. It costs more but it is worth it because you have value in taste. Also the kimchee is better and the cut of meat as well. there is a dramatic difference in the taste of the meat you are also offered a variety of many authentic korean side dishes (with more than one type of dressing/flavour. unlike korean grill house that uses the same monotonous sugary marinated ingredients on their side dishes.) to go with your rice and meat. Try korea house or mul rae bang (sp?). And if you go with your family ask for a booth. It gives your family privacy and ambiance.

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      Thanks for your critique and alternative suggestions! I'll definitely try one of your recommendations on my next family outing. Sounds like fun :) and I look forward to more 'authentic' kim chee!