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Jan 23, 2004 12:56 PM

Children and Winterlicious?

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I've already booked dinner at Fred's Not Here for me, hubby and another couple but we (hubby and I) would like to try other restaurant(s) as well. But here's the dilemma: does anyone know if it's okay to bring a child to any of these restaurants? If we bring our daughter, we're probably looking at an earlier dinner time - say 6:30-7ish, and it doesn't matter whether it's a weeknight or not.


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  1. Most of the restaurants want an early sitting and a late sitting so the earlier the better. I'm not sure which restaurants would be best for kids but I would look at the menus and make sure they are serving something your daughter would eat. I've seen kids at Canoe, but I think some restaurants like Southern Accent don't allow kids because they allow smoking.

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      Thanks for your response, Tina. Actually though, we'd probably order something off the regular menu for her, like an appetizer or somesuch. Which begs the question of can diners mix their orders? ie us two ordering off the Winterlicious menu but ordering something off the regular menu for my daughter?

      1. re: Sierramum

        Yes, I'm pretty sure you can order off the regular menu. Some tables aren't even there for the winterlicious menu so the kitchen is making everything anyway. From what I hear, some restaurants are booked up already so you should reserve soon and I would just make sure that children are allowed.

        1. re: Tina12

          Thanks for your advice Tina. I've made reservations at Filet of Sole for 6 pm. Would you know if Bouchon and/or Innocenti are suitable for children? I'd really love to go there as well and if no children, guess I'll just call the babysitter and it'll be a couple of nice nights out for hubby and I.