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Jan 22, 2004 09:07 AM

smoked meat sandwich south of St. Clair

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Any recommendations? The older posting seemed to suggest Reuben's was not that great. Is Mel's Deli on Bloor in the Annex the best choice for smoked meat if I don't want to trek up Bathurst? I don't have a car so Centre Street is not an option.

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  1. I'm not sure if it is any good but my parents have fond memories of Dunn's smoked meat in Montreal and I noticed they have a restaurant on King near Duncan. Has anyone tried it?

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    1. re: tina12

      I wasn't especially impressed. Centre Street Deli still seems to be the best in town.

      1. re: tina12

        Dunn's on King West is very good for smoked meat, but it's not quite Montreal!

        1. re: Cliff
          T. Boone Pickens III

          I don't know about anything else on the menu but the smoked meat at the CBH is top notch for Toronto. Reuben's is not even close - very dry (not a quality you want in your smoked meats)... Haven't tried Dunns yet.

      2. The smoked meat sandwich I had at Zoulpy's Deli (244 King East) was pretty tasty from that I can recall.


        1. Besides Dunn's, there is the Corned Beef House at 303 Adelaide. Of all the places downtown, I find that I like it best.

          1. Try the New Yorker Deli across from Bay Bloor Radio...great smoked meat and kick-butt pastrami!