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Jan 21, 2004 01:24 PM

Great take-out ideas for...tonight!

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It's my boyfriend's birthday and the plan is for a lovely fireside dinner for 2 this evening. Unfortunately, I've got no time to cook today. I was going to pick up a selection of dishes from Vanipha Lanna but he had Thai food for lunch. I work midtown and have a car. I could swing by Pusateri's (Yorkville) but I was wondering if you had any inspired ideas...thanks.

PS - Just found my way to this website last week. I feel like I've died and gone to heaven. I can't wait to contribute.

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  1. Have fun tonight.

    I have picked up oysters and different appetizers (shrimp, marinated mussels, etc etc) from Rodneys. Get some soup/salad and whallah you have a meal. Easy but it is downtown.

    Another easy option that is great for romantic dinners is a cheese fondue. You can pick up some crusty bread, cooked shrimp and assortment of vegetables. I have always made my cheese fondues from scratch and have never tried the premade ones. You basically need emmentheler, gruyere, dry white wine, garlic, cornstarch. Its pretty easy. Chopping veggies would be most time consuming. Asparagus and red peppers are easy.

    1. James Chatto wrote an article in Toronto Life about takeout from some of the top restaurants. As he indicates, some items travel better than others, and choosing a restaurant closer to home minimizes the soggy effect. Personally I think it a shame to order takeout from a high-end resto and then have the meal be less than stellar (considering the cost).

      However, he did say that North 44 did the best job, by placing each vegetable and sauce in its own container and there was even handwritten heating instructions for the sea bass so as to avoid overcooking it in the restaurant. It allows you to play gourmet chef, since I assume you would need a bit of prep to put the meal together. They'll fax you the menu but you need to pick it up before 6:30.

      If that's too pricey, you may want to call up Stork on the Roof or Zucca to see what they can offer. Another option is to go with Indian as the dishes reheat well, but there is nothing really decent mid-town. Maybe The Host or Indian Rice Factory?

      1. All great ideas. Love The Host and Indian Rice Factory but we ate at the latter last week. I agree with Dulac's comment re: general disappointment with high-end take-out, though many years ago, I took out from North 44 and it was great. I must say that I'm completely inspired by Kimmy's cheese fondue idea - so much so that I've already downloaded a recipe off of Food Network's site and am dashing out shortly to buy a fondue set (so much for my not having enough time to cook tonight!). Many thanks.