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Jan 20, 2004 02:13 PM

Best ALL YOU CAN EAT SASHIMI/Sushi/Japanese in toronto is where?????? A few reviews provided/suggestions wanted!

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As title says...

i have had good experience with japanese food and so far, I have been treated with nothing short of royalty at Sushi on Bloor (don't flame me, i know it can be busy most of the time!!)

anyways, the rolls there are excellent, not alot of rice and really generous, the sashimi is supurb with great cuts of fish and the restaurant is just too busy to serve anything that isn't fresh. It is my benchmark of affordable japanese restaurants.....

Now i know japanese food isn't supposed to be...... uh... gluttenized but i can enjoy alot of it.. i have been to the all you can eat specials for dinner at

Nagoya (various locations uptown scarb)
(not bad, too much rice on the rolls)

Tenichi (mckowan/sheppard)
(cantonese owned, really fast prep/service, but the cuts of sashimi were dwindling near the end and the selection is sparse)

Umi Sushi (steeles/oldkennedy/silverstar)
(Korean owned, and kinda korean sushi...the only place i have been to that has RED TUNA as part of the all you can eat, albeit portioned)

Misora (woodbine/hwy7)
(not bad, sashimi cuts are alright, nothign great, and the rolls use alot of rice)

Sakura (now called Senacha{sp)) (Donmills/yorkmills)
Used to be buffet style, rolls were decent, sashimi had a sparce selection but at least you could choose what you want and see it first

now its like the above where you order it and they bring it to you... not bad selection of sashimi but rolls are not the greatest,

all these places are around $20-$25/person

does anyone on this lovely board have any suggestions with all you can eat sashimi places?

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  1. Sushi Place
    Queen, just East of Spadina on the south side.
    $18.99 Sunday to Tuesday only. Good selection, rolls aren't overly padded with rice.

    Sushi King
    Just around the corner from Kitchen Stuff Plus/Green Mango at St. Charles and Yonge. also $18.99 or so, with everything being made by one guy. Fresh fish, rolls aren't overly padded with rice as well. Very small space, but not all that busy at dinner. Packed at lunch.

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    1. re: sekibun

      hey's a review i did on sushi place last year. as sekibun-kun mentioned above, they now offer this all-u-can-eat from sun-tues, not just sundays. went there again recently - they still have the same menu, still pretty good, and the place was crowded with ravenous asian students.


      1. re: stan29

        Does Sushi Place offer sashimi during their menu rampage sunday-tuesdays?

        if so, what do they have?

        THanks for the suggestions so far!~!

        1. re: mzn505

          Regarding Sushi Place Sashimi:

          Sashimi is offered everyday that the buffet is on offer. Salmon for sure, and I think surf clam as well. Pretty standard stuff. I think there was one more sashimi option (snapper?). Lots of stuff on the nigiri sushi menu though.

    2. As you said, you know Nagoya. I like the one at 16th and Bayview Ave, (on 16th). In that plaza, there is National Bank too. Easy to get there.

      Sashimi, sushi (I like the Rainbow Sushi) and tampura are great.

      1. to do some justice to the above places that i gave a light review on:

        Tenichi - Only their sashimi selection was sparse.. they have an abundance of cooked food, along with a great spicy salmon sushi (not maki) that is perfecty made, along with cooked luxeries like terriyaki Oysters and even that raw beef sashimi. Spider roll maki isn't too bad either. For some reason there is No UNAGI (roast eel) in sight anywhere in anyroll.. only as a don over rice.

        Nagoya - Rainbow roll isn't bad, cooked food is alright..

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        1. re: nz505

          I like Shintori House.....just east of Yonge on Charles. It is attached to a hotel. I think the buffet is $13.99. Very affordable.