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Jan 19, 2004 09:33 PM

best brownies in TO?

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I had a major brownie craving today, but I couldn't think of where I would be able to find an excellent fudge brownie while I was downtown. The last couple I've tried have been a little dry and not nearly rich enough. The frosting ideally will be dark and fudge-like...not that whipped/hydrogenated/sugary Supermarket kind of frosting. Thanks in advance for any tips-

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  1. Nanoo - 57 Front St. East (just west of Church). Very very yummy. That is where I get my fix.

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    1. re: Kimmy

      Whole Foods @ Hazelton Lanes has some great ones!

      1. re: Kimmy

        I have to second the vote for Nanoo. How do they make them so moist and fudgy? I want one right now!

        1. re: Brenda

          I'll definately give Nanoo a try...thanks!

      2. S.W.A.K. on Bloor near Spadina used to have really good ones but not sure if they still exist?

        1. Pusateris has a good selection of baked goods from different bakeries in the city. I have tried some of their brownies and they were yummy!