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Jan 19, 2004 03:38 PM


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My employer just decided to move me to a different building. I'm now working near Warden & 14th Ave in Markham. It's generally too much hassle to go out for lunch, but I often like to eat dinner somewhere on my way home. Any good chow recommendations for the area?

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  1. For some Hakka/Indian-style Chinese food, try a place near Kennedy/14.

    Go east to Kennedy, then go south (make a right) from 14. About a block, there will be a plaza on the east side with a Pizza Pizza at the corner. In this plaza, is the restaurant.

    Good lunch specials.

    1. One or two lights north of Warden is Hwy 7 and some of the best Chineese food in the GTA. If you prefer to go slightly west to just before Leslie St at East Beaver Creek, there are three new(ish) Indian restaurants (Bombay Bhel, the Host or Jikonee) or a not so good one (Jaipur) as well as Thai (Rex Saigon). There is a ubiquitos array of nondescript bar/roadhouse food aka Jack Astors or Fox n Fiddle. Sam Woo BBQ on Warden S of Steeles at Bamburgh is outstanding!