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Jan 19, 2004 09:35 AM

East West closed AGAIN

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Tried to have a romantic anniversary dinner at East meets West on Gerrard last night. Their answering maching message indicated early in the afternoon that they had re-opened with their new menu and were excited to be back in business. Well, that had changed by 6:30 pm. A note on their door indicated the new chef (Signe from Riverside?) had departed suddenly and they would not re-open until they had a new chef and new menu.

Quite the drama. I never tasted their first or second menu. Wonder what's next for them and for the chef.

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    Sherri Thompson

    Too funny about East Meets West, word on the street is that she's (Signee) pretty tempermental, (as tempermental as a 'self-taught' chef has a right to be...) never made it to EMW,(ps: same identical(item for item) menu as Riverside's old anyone?) but Riverside is always a solid choice. (The chefs new ribeye steak is to die for, I promise.)

    Meantime, NOW Magazine is giving her more press, and just ran a story about her dramatic walk-out of EMW this week.

    Two restaurants in less than 6 months, tempermental, and the math.


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    1. re: Sherri Thompson

      I'm not sure what the math is. Considering that her Riverside menu (which she created) was quite extensive, it hardly qualifies as "one-trick." Considering that it was damn good even though she was self-taught, I'd say it adds up to talent.

      From what I have heard, she was forced out from Riverside (and as gossip goes I have no way of checking the validity of this version since I don't know any of the player, but it's as plausible as "she walked out").
      Why shouldn't she take her menu elsewhere?

      What happened at East Meets West is unclear, but I am not sure that it says anything about her necessarily (her tenure at Riverside did stretch over a few years, no?). The restaurant business is often nasty, and many talented chefs go through relationships with owners that don't work out. Greg Couillard is notorious for clashing with and walking out on his partners and yet people keep on flocking to his new ventures. Why not be more generous with this chef?

      1. re: Kasia

        Thanks for going to bat for me Kasia, whoe ever you are! You know, I can't understand all this assuming going on, and guess work. Is anyone interested in the facts, and not just "the word on the street"? I would love to give an interview to either of you, Kasia or (the rather hostile) Sherri. I am an open book. You know what they say, "those with nothing to hide, hide nothing". This is an invitation to all you budding food writters out there. I will talk. I will tell all. And by the way, it was 4 years, not 6 months at Riverside.