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Jan 19, 2004 04:49 AM

going to toronto for two weeks :) Any suggestions for must visit places?

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I'll be going to toronto for two weeks and i'd like to eat the best it has to offer :)

Any suggestions?

I've heard of susur and i plan to go there. Any other places?

(as susur's is already quite expensive, would appreciate some good quality reasonable priced places)

thanks a lot!

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  1. When are you coming and what area are you staying in? Any food or restaurant preferences, ie help us narrow it down as there is a lot of choice. On dates, there is a winterlicious promotion happening Jan 30 to Feb 13, or thereabouts where 80 restuarants offer fixed priced dinner for $20 or $30 although many are probably booked by now.

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      I will be in toronto starting March 1st until the 12th.
      i will be staying in this area:

      "...located in Toronto, Ontario with direct access from Highway 401 as well as Sheppard station on the Toronto subway line. "

      as to the kind of food... hmm... maybe a dimsum place, a modern/fusion cuisine place, a canadian cuisine place, and a place that serves some exotic stuff seafood and meat(ie. not pork chicken beef etc).

      also some of your favorite places.

      thanks a lot! i'm really looking forward to visiting Toronto, i hear it'a great city :)

      1. re: choariwap

        Have you taken a look at the other posts on this board? I think it would make a lot easier if you go through the other posts, pick out things that interest you. Then, we can look at what you like and provide suggestions upon that, perhaps provide alternatives close to where you are staying. Or, if you know which sites or places you'll be going to, then we can suggest where to go around those sites or places, rather than being so general.

        1. re: choariwap
          The Berserker

          Yonge and Sheppard is, relatively speaking, a culinary wasteland. If you like Indian food, Cuisine of India is one of the best Indian restaurants in Toronto, and is within walking distance north on Yonge St. There's a good small French restaurant on Sheppard Ave. W., but the name escapes me. There's also a lot of Korean restauants, some of which are allegedly good, but I've never been to any of them.

          Fortunately, you have easy subway and highway access to more promising areas of the city!

          1. re: The Berserker

            Do you mean Pourqoi Pas? That's on Sheppard only slightly west of Yonge. There's also Le Montmartre on Sheppard, but farther west, rather near the Allen. I've not been to either of them, so can't comment on whether or not they are good.


            1. re: Jacquilynne

              Pourquoi pas is good for lunch..cosy atmosphere, nice bistro type food like salade nicoise, crepes, omeletees etc, but not exactly spectacular.

              1. re: Jacquilynne
                The Berserker

                I was thinking of Pourquoi Pas. Thanks!

            2. re: choariwap

              In that area, I'd go to Akasaka at Empress Walk (one subway station or a couple of blocks walking) North of Sheppard Station. It's straight Japanese cuisine. A bit on the pricy side, but not terribly expensive, and well worth every cent.

              1. re: choariwap

                If you are going to be downtown at all, I have a few suggestions. Agora at the Art Gallery of Ontario (somewhat limited hours, but great atmosphere and food) is good. Lunch for three (no booze) was $80. It is located at Dundas and University (a few blocks west of University on Dundas). Also, JOV is one of the best meals I have eaten in Toronto. We had very thoughtfully prepared tasting menus with fantastic paired wines. Call ahead for resos. It is at Bayview and Eglington W. For good cheap Thai, Green Mango is good, there are several locations around the city (take-out and sit down at some locations) Amato has the best pizza on the west side (esp late night!!)I would definitely recomend Susur, as well as the Fifth and the new Ultra Club on Queen St W is supposed to be very good and chic.