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Jan 17, 2004 10:49 PM

Great Deal - Peking Duck - banquet food

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I've been going to Markham Peking at First Markham place for a year now. Everytime I go, they never cease to amaze me with their service, food and price.

My girlfriends and I decided to have a night out and we booked a table of 10 on a Thursday night.

We ordered a set menu for 6, added 4 more courses, plus we each ordered fresh shucked oysters on half shell steamed in black bean sauce.

What a deal! The banquet cost us under $15 each and that includes tax and tip!

Here's what we ordered:
- daily soup
- Peking Duck (2 ways) - skin w/ pancake / crystal wrap
- Sole with vegetables
- Oysters on Steamed w/ Bb sauce ($0.99 each!)
- Oyster in honey garlic sauce
- Chicken with side of jellyfish
- snow pea leaves - garlic
- cantonese fried noodles
- pork loin in capitol sauce
- beef w/ bok choy
- scallops
- dessert

I just had to let you all know!

- A very stuffed and satisfied customer

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  1. Yes!!!

    This is one of the first places I checked out at First Markham Place....and I have to agree. They dish out high quality food at low prices. Amazing!

    Check out their lunch specials which are around $5-6+tax. Lots of selection. And comes with a huge soup that is a meal unto itself.

    Good choice is the pork loin in vinegar. Your tongue may pucker up though!

    1. I just discovered this mall last Sunday. Wow, crazy parking challenge. We went to 'The Best Chinese Restaurant' and it was just okay. Can you give a landmark for this Markham Peking? Is it inside the mall or somewhere around the periphery? I'd like to go on Saturday for a new year's feast. Thanks!

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        It's on the periphery. You will see Home Outfitters (it's huge!!!) facing toward the east. And Home Outfitters is at the end of a what looks like a strip-mall from the outside. If you follow this strip-mall all the way to the other side where there are stores facing WEST. That is where Markham Peking is.

        Try the phone # if you are really lost: 905-479-0818

        You can also visit the website http://www.first-markham-place.com/

        Click on 1) shopping, then 2) the 3rd perspective
        The "red" store is where Home Outfitters is and the "blue" stores are where Markham Peking is, relatively.