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Jan 17, 2004 10:49 PM

Great Deal - Peking Duck - banquet food

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I've been going to Markham Peking at First Markham place for a year now. Everytime I go, they never cease to amaze me with their service, food and price.

My girlfriends and I decided to have a night out and we booked a table of 10 on a Thursday night.

We ordered a set menu for 6, added 4 more courses, plus we each ordered fresh shucked oysters on half shell steamed in black bean sauce.

What a deal! The banquet cost us under $15 each and that includes tax and tip!

Here's what we ordered:
- daily soup
- Peking Duck (2 ways) - skin w/ pancake / crystal wrap
- Sole with vegetables
- Oysters on Steamed w/ Bb sauce ($0.99 each!)
- Oyster in honey garlic sauce
- Chicken with side of jellyfish
- snow pea leaves - garlic
- cantonese fried noodles
- pork loin in capitol sauce
- beef w/ bok choy
- scallops
- dessert

I just had to let you all know!

- A very stuffed and satisfied customer

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  1. Yes!!!

    This is one of the first places I checked out at First Markham Place....and I have to agree. They dish out high quality food at low prices. Amazing!

    Check out their lunch specials which are around $5-6+tax. Lots of selection. And comes with a huge soup that is a meal unto itself.

    Good choice is the pork loin in vinegar. Your tongue may pucker up though!

    1. I just discovered this mall last Sunday. Wow, crazy parking challenge. We went to 'The Best Chinese Restaurant' and it was just okay. Can you give a landmark for this Markham Peking? Is it inside the mall or somewhere around the periphery? I'd like to go on Saturday for a new year's feast. Thanks!

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        It's on the periphery. You will see Home Outfitters (it's huge!!!) facing toward the east. And Home Outfitters is at the end of a what looks like a strip-mall from the outside. If you follow this strip-mall all the way to the other side where there are stores facing WEST. That is where Markham Peking is.

        Try the phone # if you are really lost: 905-479-0818

        You can also visit the website

        Click on 1) shopping, then 2) the 3rd perspective
        The "red" store is where Home Outfitters is and the "blue" stores are where Markham Peking is, relatively.