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Jan 17, 2004 08:37 PM

The Fifth - suitable for inter-generational 50th birthday dinner ?

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My sister is turning 50, and mentioned she had always wanted to check out the Fifth. Is it a place suitable on a weekend evening for a dinner to include
Mother - 75 - high standards though adventurous
Sister - 50 - ditto
Me - crusty brother ditto less adventurous
Her children ranging in age from sophisticated 30 to easily-bored 15 (he is the only "kid" in age, anyway)

Comments would be appreciated - and alternatives if you don't think it suitable.

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  1. I would be less inclined to take them to The Fifth. First, the entrance is through a nightclub with its blaring music and guys looking to score. Second, depending on how fussy the "less adventurous" person is, he could have a tough time with finding things to eat on the menu. As well, I can't say I was blown away by the place (very heavy hand with the salt the last time I was there as well as rather brusque service). A better choice might be something like North 44 or Avalon.

    Good luck.

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      I'd like to second the recommendation for Avalon. We've never been disapponted there, the atmosphere is quietly elegant, but not stuffy and the service excellent.

      It's a consistent favorite from people of all ages I know who dine out frequently.

      There's a special menu, I've heard, now happening on Friday nights that mght be worth investigating in advance.