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Jan 17, 2004 02:39 PM

Good family restaurant for lunch?

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Anyone have a good suggestion for a downtown restaurant that's kid-friendly? Nothing geared to kids...just something that's relaxed and friendly.

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  1. Joe Badali's on Front would be a safe choice for both adults and kids to enjoy. Food is consistent.

    Another place, if you want your children to experience food from other cultures, is Le Papillon on Church/Front.

    Dim sum is always enjoyable. Rol San on Spadina or Bright Pearl is also good - for downtown.

    Or, how about Marche? Everyone gets to see how their food is prepared, and everyone gets to choose what they want.

    And, of course, who can forget good 'ol:
    - Mr Greek
    - The Keg
    - Swiss Chalet
    - Pizza Hut

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      This sounds weird, but my son loves Mexican, so how about Tacos El Asador at Bloor and Christie? Yummy yummy burritos.

    2. My kids always get a bang out of the Senator diner on Victoria, just north of Dundas. Great sandwiches, fries etc. Not cheap, but good quality. Can be crowded.

      If they're like Asian, my teen daughter's fave is Tiger Lily on Queen W., near John. (Just down from City and MuchMusic and Speaker's corner if that turns them on.)